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What is reincarnation?

Asked by juice86 (1points) January 26th, 2008
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Reincarnation is the concept that once you die your soul will be reincarnated or reborn into a new body.
Don’t be bad or you’ll be incarnated into a worm.

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it’s spiritual belief, that after death, your soul returns to earth in another body. in some traditions, the body you return in is dependent on the quality of the life you lead. For example, a man who beats his dog might return as a dog who is, in turn, beaten by another man

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I see it as (for example):

– A fish dies.
– Someone plants a corn seed with the dead fish.
– Dead fish nourishes the sapling into a healthy green corn crop.

All of the nutrients of the fish are absorbed and transferred into the new life of the corn. I feel that’s the closest thing to reincarnation that exists.

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Ah, the ol’ circle of life.

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Life is like school. We return until we learn what we were sent here to learn.
Some people don’t seem to get it (Falwell) while others go right to the head of the class (Buddha)

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