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What do you think about Aurora crash in 1897?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) September 26th, 2009
This happened before inventing the planes so what could have been there(it’s proofed that something crashed there). Also it appears that there exists a well where were threw a part of the remainders of the aircraft and it looks like the ’‘alien’’ was buried in cemetery.In 1970’s a team of UFO specialists investigated the town and the localized the alien grave (marked with a small stone with an aircraft on it) but they didn’t obtain the right to dig there,also for a period of 2 weeks the police secured the cemetery and in this period the stone and the metals that were inside the grave(they scanned the grave and the crashing sight with a metal detector and they had the same signal in both places).What do you think about all this?Do you think that is a real story?Do you think that in 1970’s someone hide the evidences?

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It was a hoax, generated by S.E.Haydon, an Aurora resident.

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I’m guessing it could be a hoax. Or… that could be what the government wants you to believe.

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who knows.
the evidence is inconclusive.

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At first blush, it would be difficult to conceive of this as a hoax. I say this mainly because the science fiction of the time (what little, yet representative, that I have read) predates common notions of UFOs and aliens. What I read was more concerned with brain transplants and robots/AI—laboratory stuff. I would have a hard time buying a flying saucer hoax before mechanical flight really took in the public imagination.

Reading the hoax section of that article, however, seems to
refute a good bit of the above.

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Well, it seems like a hoax among hoaxes. They see space ships in ancient paintings as well. To my knowledge, there has never been anything looking like proof of extra terrestrials here on earth. I am confident there is life out there. I just don’t think they have the gas to get here.

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Hoax. Aliens don’t fly in cigar shaped ships. They are saucers.

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@filmfann: I hope you meant that as a joke.

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@Ria777 No no. filmfann would never joke about fine china.

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Mechanical flight was in fact very much a part of the turn-of-the-century zeitgeist,
and why am I not surprised it was in Texas?

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