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How can I rebake a loaf of bread where the center is raw?

Asked by drhellno (40points) September 27th, 2009

I made a large loaf of challah bread, and it is perfect EXCEPT for some of the center that is still a little raw. Can I put it back in the oven to bake out the raw parts? Or will that dry out/burn the outside? Is there another method besides proper baking?

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No, your challah loaf is, er, toast. Sorry. The next time you bake yeast bread like this, tap the outside of the loaf. If it sounds hollow, then it’s done.

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Congratulations you made donuts in bread form!

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I’d be tempted to cut it lengthwise and bake it partway some more, not sure if it would work. Just enjoy the cooked outsides then. :)

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Once it has cooled, your opportunity to continue baking is gone.

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We did tap it, and it yielded the “hollow” sound. 90% of the loaf is, honestly, perfect. There’s just a ribbon of moister, rawish dough in the center of the thickest part. I think I may have just made the loaf too thick. I’ll give re-baking a try. Oh, crap, just saw EmpressPixie’s response. Oh well. Thanks for your responses.

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Turn the oven down a tad and bake it a bit longer , maybe that will work on you next attempt if you keep the same thickness

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Rebaking will just make the good parts stale and dry. Best to slice and toast, or try to make French toast.

It is also a bread that has to be eaten on the day of baking. It gets stale really quickly (due to eggs?)

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That happens to me a lot when I put a more dense dough in the bread machine than it can really take. We just strip out the raw part and enjoy what came out OK, warm with some butter. Sorry about the bad news, but it just doesn’t work to re-bake.

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