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When should I cut down my Asparagus for the winter?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) September 27th, 2009

This is the second winter for my Asparagus patch, and the first year it really took over it’s area. I am told it should be cut back so as to make it easier to harvest next spring. Should I cut it all down to ground level and mulch it heavily or cut to a particular height and mulch it as before?

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“sometime in mid-fall, just before your first expected frost, mound the plants with shredded leaves, compost, or straw to protect the crowns. Do not cut them back at this time.

In the early part of spring, remove the dead foliage by cutting them just above soil level. Apply an all-purpose granular fertilizer, preferably 10–10-10, around the crowns to help promote new growth.

Assuming the plants are at least three years old, you should then get excellent growth and a good harvest next summer.”


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