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What online comics do you read?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) January 27th, 2008

I’m always looking for more.

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Of the 20 or so (I guess you could say I get around when it comes to comics :D) comic strips in my rss reader, I would say my favorites are Sheldon, xkcd, and Least I Could Do

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Besides re-runs of Calvin and Hobbs
Married to the Sea
Toothpaste for Dinner
Red Meat
I guess I could have included the URL’s for these. I get/read them as RSS. The also can be had by e-mail and if you choose you can wander over the each web-site. Not knowing your paticular preference, I suggest a quick search; ie: Ask, Google, etc.
Now I’m going to explore suggestions from Perchik and neonez…

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All of mine are good ways into the stories…but I actually had fun sitting down and reading most of them from the beginning. (the exception is sam and fuzzy…he’s got it broken into volumes, and i’ve only read the newest volume)

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“Natalie Dee”, of course!!

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Thanks. There are several listed that I haven’t heard of. I’ll have to check them out.

@boffin: The only ones I tend to read now are the ones with feeds. I don’t have time to check a bunch of sites every day for updates. Hmmm. “No Feed: No Read” could be a good slogan.

Here are a few I like (with their feeds).

Order of the Stick:
Beaver and Steve:
Dinosaur Comics:
The Gods of ArrKelaan:

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Thank you andrew! I’d read that one a long time ago and lost the link. Brava!

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Truck Bearing Kibble great art style and good jokes.

SMBC updates daily with little one box comics

Ctrl+Alt+Del good video game webcomic

Odd-Fish Great webcomic chock full of bad puns, a puffer, an octopus, and the ocean. Drawn in a really nice looking art style.

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here’s one I forgot tho mention:

I used to read the New York Press back when I lived in NY just because of this comic…

El_Cadejo's avatar another great one i forgot to mention

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Cyanide and Happiness is the only one I read regularly.

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One that I won’t be reading much longer, because I regret to inform everyone that Opus is gonna die soon…

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Tom Sayer and Huckelberry finn

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