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How do I get my car from my mechanic that is 50 miles away?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) September 28th, 2009

I recently had my immobilized car towed to a mechanic that is 50 miles away from my home.

I have AAA, should I just arrange for it to be towed back? Or is there a smarter way to pick up the car? I’ve thought about renting a car to drive over there, but that doesn’t sound very cost effective.

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Could you find someone to give you a ride? (I’m assuming that public transportation is out of the question).

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Do you have only the basic AAA or did you get the Plus version.

If you did get the higher coverage you get free towing within 100 miles of home.

If you only have the basic and can wait an extra day or so, this would be a really good time to upgrade.

I did this a number of years ago at the suggestion of the manager who was handling my service call. I didn’t even realize that could be done till he suggested it.

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AAA’s site says that they will tow a vehicle if the technician determines that the car can’t be safely driven. I’m thinking that they won’t tow a perfectly functional vehicle.

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If your car is completely fixed, then I see no reason for someone to tow it back. Isn’t towing reserved for car accidents and broken down cars?

Could you pay a friend or family member to give you a ride? Or maybe there’s a passenger bus that goes that way. Or maybe you could take a bus near there and take a taxi the rest of the way?

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