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What's the name of this movie?

Asked by Evan (810points) January 27th, 2008

I am trying to remember the name of a movie and i have nothing to go on, other than that it was a movie about a boy who knew his father only through letters about his (the father’s noble deeds, etc), that we later find out that the mother has been writing ever since the father left, years before. I think that its set either in England, or Ireland or Scotland maybe.. but again not sure. I think that this movie is relatively recent, also (like, last few years or so). any help would be appreciated! :)

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Sounds like “Big Fish”, a Tim Burton Film from 2003. See the description here .

What do you think?

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Yeah it does sound like Dear Frankie-though I have not seen it, the description sounds right.

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It sounds like Dear Frankie, but the dad didn’t leave they ran away from him. The mom writes letters to the son to protect him from knowing what a lout he was. The supposed voyage the dad is on has been tracked by Frankie and he realizes he is due to dock in the town they live in. Mom has to do some fast thinking. The little kid is great, he is deaf in the movie and does a great job. The film is set in Scotland, but is actually a French film from 2004 or maybe 2005. .

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it’s not Big Fish

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it’s Dear Frankie for sure!

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