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What is Ubuntu?

Asked by mikeyC (100points) January 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I keep hearing that word anyone care to fill in the blanks?

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Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system. Like Windows, but better. ;-)

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There are a lot of Linux-based OSes, but Ubuntu is typically the easiest to migrate to and, because it’s so popular, the most supported. If you’re interested in Linux, you should look around for other distributions.

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Ubuntu is a free oprating system that is easy to use and more secure than other operating systems because the community is able to find flaws faster than with retail OS’s.

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As others have said: Ubuntu is a free operating system based on Linux. The project is sponsored by Canonical Ltd, which is owned by Mark Shuttleworth. Ubuntu means “humanity towards others”

As other Linux distributions, a typical installation includes not only the “operating system”, but also most of the software you will need ( as office suite, Firefox as web browser, Rhythmbox as audio jukebox, Totem as video player, Pidgin for instant messaging, etc.). There is a huge and helpfull community behind its development, and you can find free support on their online forums or buy professional support.

Ubuntu it’s based on Debian, and it’s aimed primarily at everyday desktop use, and uses only free software. Every six months there is a new release; some releases are called “long term support”, which means that they’ll be supported for 3 years after their release (the LTS “server” editions are supported for five years).

There are many Ubuntu derivatives. Ubuntu itself uses GNOME as its desktop enviroment, Kubuntu uses KDE, Xubuntu uses XFCE; Edubuntu it’s aimed towards school enviroments, etc. All of these are “official subprojects”, but there are also many forks, such as Linux Mint, which also includes some non-free software, such as propietary drivers and restricted codecs (which can also be installed on Ubuntu, only they are not used by default)

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Ubuntu is a collection of a lot of software that let you run your computer and perform basic tasks like reading email and browsing the web. Of course it allows you to install any additional applications.

If you have a computer that runs Windows, take everything from the moment you see the Windows logo and the progress bar telling you it is booting, and scrap that. Ubuntu will replace it.

The main attraction of Ubuntu is the mentality that is behind it – it is a project by thousands of volunteers and companies alike to create a product that can match up to Windows or Mac OS X. Its developers allow everybody to download the code behind it, free of charge (just as the system itself is free of charge). Basically, it brings you freedom.

In that regard you should also look at its name, which is some African language meaning “Humanity to others”. There are also several other projects called Ubuntu but you probably mean Ubuntu Linux.

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@Les, Windows isn’t Linux based…

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Bluemukaki: I know that. I was making a comparison: one OS to another.

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