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What are some odd places you find interesting?

Asked by rockstargrrrlie (887points) September 28th, 2009

As someone who enjoys both taking road trip and geography, I’m frequently fascinated by places I pass while driving. In some cases, I write down the place name so that I can look it up upon arriving at my destination. I’m always interested in learning why people would live in certain places (Tucumcari, NM comes to mind) or why certain locales have been abandoned.

On my way to Las Vegas last week, I came across Zzyzx Road in California. While I was already aware of its existence, and even knew the story behind it, seeing it firsthand has heightened my interest.

What are some places that have been fascinating to you? Why?

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I saw ZZyzx road last year while driving across the country and was like “woah, that is a whack name” then I read about it. Even more interesting!

Let me think of more…

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You might want to learn about Urban Exploration. It’s a thing now that people seem to be turning into a hobby.

Yeah, Tucumcari is a relic of the Route 66 days. Lots of empty hotel rooms. It seems to show up in travel blogs when people get caught in crazy thunderstorms or stop for gas. The hospital there mainly deals with ER cases from traffic along I-40.

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This is one of my favorite places.
In person, Swetsville is even more bizarre and awesome, and I find it fascinating that someone would make those creatures and live there too.

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Based on place names alone, there is an exit near Tampa, Florida for “Mango and Thonotosassa”. I’ve never been to either place, but I love that sign and have considered exploring each. I also plan to have dogs named Mango and Thonotosassa.

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There is a wonderful little street in my home city of York called Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate

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There’s a place I’ve been where you stop your car, and it rolls up hill, funny though I have no idea where it is, just that I’ve been there.

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@bumwithablackberry There’s a couple places like that in the US…...there’s one not too far outside of Pittsburgh in Bedford, PA. Pretty cool I suppose.

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@bumwithablackberry There is a place like that in Lake Wales, Florida called Spook Hill. Of course, it’s just a trick of perspective, not really rolling up hill.

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I love odd places. There is an anomaly in Florida where if you put your car in neutral it appears to roll uphill.

I love the dueling Ball of string museums.

I like roads that once were the main drag, and then got left behind by time like Route 66.

I love odd places names such as Intercourse, PA and Fossil, OR.

My favorite place name is Humptulips, WA.

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Just to throw a natural oddity into the mix, I love The Sinks of the Popo Agie river near Lander, WY. The Popo Agie is a beautiful, lively river, but at one point—The Sinks—it just dives into a hole in the rock and disappears. A quarter of a mile away at The Rise, it pops back up and continues on its merry way as if nothing had happened.

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(Anyone watching the National Parks series on PBS by Ken Burns? Lots of photography of geysurs, mud holes, etc. It’s beautiful.)

Jericho is a ghost town on one of the roads between Phoenix and Sedona that’s really cool.

I’ve been on a reverse gravity hill in New Brunswick, Canada but our car still rolled downhill when we put it in neutral.

Wind Gap, Pa. is a town that has somehow caught my fancy.

I love the name Tamiani Trail which is the road that goes from Tampa to Miami.

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@janbb I grew up listening to my mom talk about the Tamiani Trail. Such a romantic name!

Boy, was I disappointed when I experienced the reality of today. Perhaps it was nicer in the 40s when my Mom was there.

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Yes, I would love to be able to go back to old Florida magically and see some of its former funky and glamourous places. We did take a trip to Gainseville last winter and went to the Devil’s Punchbowl (a sinkhole), the Butterfly Garden at the university, the Bat House at twilight and Cross Creek. Cross Creek gave me a wonderful feel of old Florida in Marjorie Kinnon Rawlings’ time. We ate fried food at The Yearling restaurant which was a funky place but not great.

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@Harp That is a beautiful river. I love the first picture.

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Looks like my link to the image of The Sinks is busted. Here’s another.

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Mackinac island, pronounced mack-in-aw, in Michigan does not allow any motor vehicles (except emergency vehicles like a firetruck and ambulance) on the island. You have to park your car on the mainland and take a ferry there. It is all horses, horse-drawn carriages, walking, and bicycling. The famous Grand Hotel is there; it was featured in the movie Somewhere in Time. If you have never been to the Great Lakes.especially way north it is really beautiful.

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Yellowstone National Park

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ohio! it seems that not a lot of people i know think ohio seems like an amazing place, but i love it.
what can i say, i think corn fields are really pretty.

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@tiffyandthewall i have to admit to being one of those people. when i drive west across the country, i absolutely DREAD being in ohio and indiana. illinois too…actually come to think of it i don’t really start enjoying myself til i can see the rocky mountains. anyhow, it isn’t that ohio and kansas, for example, aren’t nice, but they’re just pretty monotonous. kansas is BEAUTIFUL in my opinion, but 9 hours of wheat is tooooooo much, lol.

living in western pennsylvania this is one of the biggest reasons that i want to move west. its beautiful here especially in the fall but i am just so damn tired of the same thing.

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Put-In-Bay, Ohio is a lovely area. It also is accessible only by Ferry, and it has a wonderful little history museum dedicated to the Battle of lake Erie.

@tiffyandthewall, lurve for Ohio!

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