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How can i change the yellow color of urine to colorless?

Asked by tango8 (1points) September 28th, 2009

14 year old daughter doing 8th grade experiment on this problem needs your help

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Drink lots of water. I do and my urine is always almost clear. this is probably tmi but, you asked! :)

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The normal way is to drink more water…the paler the urine the more hydrated you are. IF this is for a science experiment, there may be more to it than that.

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hydration with water dilutes urine.

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Well, that solves that problem.

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@gailcalled – Boo! One more time. Drink more water. Incidentally, this is a really good check to determine if you are properly hydrated. If you have clear, almost colorless urine, you are hydrated. Darker shades of yellow or shudder, brown, means you need to drink more water.

Done, and done.

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Brown can mean your liver isn’t working—very dangerous.

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Colorless? That’s boring.
Get some orange pee, by eating too many carrots.
Or some blue pee, by having too much calcium as well as a bacterial infection.
Or green urine, from an excess of B vitamins.
Or red pee, from too many blackberries or rhubarb.

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There was a huge fad, and a lot of recipes in the 18th C.for changing urine color. Benjamin Frankiln tried quite a few.

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@pdworkin – No way. Links please! :-)

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Yes, way, but must I go look now? I’m sure Google will be your friend.

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I’m sorry, I’m tired and I have Mid-terms tomorrow.

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@pdworkin – I totally understand. No worries.

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i promise you will find good stuff.

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Eat some asparagus and have stinky pee. At least, I hope that happens to everyone and not just me…

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Stop taking so many vitamins.

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Keep in mind it takes 24 hours for hydration to return to normal if you are hydrating regularly.

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@MissAusten No, it is not just you, it happens to me and from what I can understand about 50% of asparagus lovers experience this. I quite like the smell, it is a very clear reminder that the food we eat does have an effect on our bodies.

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You can precipitate out the pigment that causes the yellow color, urochrome, by saturating the urine with ammonium sulfate. If you then filter out the precipitate, the liquid will be clear.

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If it is allowed, you can run it through a 3 micron filter (or smaller)

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Here is a modern list of drugs that can affect urine color, in case you are into rainbow pee:

-Aldomet – may make urine black
-Beta-carotene supplements – may make urine yellow or orange
-Certain laxatives – may make urine red
-Certain tranquilizers – may make urine red or brown
-Methelene blue – may make urine green or blue
-Phenolphthaleine – may make urine red
-Pyridium – may make urine orange
-Rifampin – may make urine orange
-Risanpin – may make urine blue or green
-Urised – may make urine green
-Vitamin B supplements – may make urine orange

However, as others have said, drink lots and lots of water to make it turn very pale yellow.

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I thought I should add that you shouldn’t mix urine with bleach; it produces a poisonous gas.

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You also probably don’t want your daughter “testing” various drugs to see how they affect her urine. Bad news bears. Stick to the drinking water.

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I take a B-complex and some beta carotene in a multivitamin in the AM. Urine has a yellow-orangish tinge soon thereafter but clears up within several hours.

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