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What do you think are some of the most over done tattoos?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) September 28th, 2009

I was looking around at tattoo images and I found picture after picture of nautical stars, butterflies and dragons. So It got me thinking about over done tattoos(not necessarily bad or stupid tattoos so don’t get offended if you have a butterfly tattoo, they can be quite nice) so I thought I’d ask what do you think are the most common tattoos out there?

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Tribal bands and lower-back tattoos.

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Where I live Pinnochio-face tattoos are very common. Its strange because then some people compete over whose tattoo has the longest nose. I don’t know how it started here but it’s probably different where you are.

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mine was done before dolphins were cool… just sayin.

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Taz, Mickey Mouse, pretty much ANY cartoon character, tribals, Asian lettering, sports teams, someone’s name on someone else’s neck, and the proverbial rose with barbed wire.

Best tattoo I ever seen was a spider on the back of a girl’s neck. It looked like a real spider, and I wish I would have talked to her, as it was the neatest thing I’d ever seen.

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Chinese and Japanese ideographs that don’t mean what people who don’t speak those languages think they mean.

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@aprilsimnel like the ones that people think mean ‘warrior’ when in fact it really means ‘chicken fornicator’?

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As already said, the Chinese/Japanese symbols. and nautical stars.

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@live_rose no shit. I’m a Capricorn! I know that’s a unicorn but the resemblance!

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The ones on the villain in the new Dan Brown book sound as if they might be a tad over the top.

@evelyns_pet_zebra – I want to get a tiny little one on my shoulder, I was thinking gekko but a red back spider would be good too, deadly!!

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its my fish nerd side taking over actually :P

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@uberbatman I used to be a fish nerd, years ago. My prize fish species is now banned in the US

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your name (wtf?) dragons, panthers, skulls, knives
honestly about 95% of tattoos I see are garbage

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Koi Fish **OOPS**

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I dont get why you’d even want a koi tattooed on you, they arent even interesting fish.

@jaketheripper i agree, most tattoos are shit. Good ones are rare to see.

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@uberbatman: I am in complete agreement, it boggles my mind just how many people have them and are still continuing to get them.

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some people just like general tattoos I guess. nothing unique or meaningful. A permanent fashion statement. My boyfriend kind of wants me to get a tattoo but im not about to get one just to get one.

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I have a friend who got small-ish tats of Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens about 7 years ago. The inking of Aziraphale, unfortunately, has started to bleed together this year. It had been pretty detailed outlining of the wings, too, and very well done. Alas.

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@SheWasAll_ good, dont. Dont get something unless its something YOU really really want. And make it original :P

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—I love the scene in Pappion [sic] where Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman were in the boat with the man with the tattooed face:

“Do you like it?”
“Oh, yes.”
“So did I when I got it. I was drunk.”

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i totally agree the koi fish. Seriously I want to line everyone up who has a koi fish tattoo and bitch slap them all

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Man, people are pretty judgmental about tattoos…

Luckily I don’t even like them to begin with. ;)

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@live_rose my wife got a very tastefully done tattoo that intertwined a rose and a vine, and the vine spells out her Mom’s initials. She had it done as a memorial tattoo after her Mom passed away. That to me, is a reason to get a tattoo; something that holds REAL meaning.

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@DominicX not judgmental of tattoos, just shitty generic ones. Im tattooed.

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@DominicX people are judgmental about everything, seems to be human nature.

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Ultimately, I think that if a tattoo has meaning, no matter how ‘generic’ or ‘over done’ it is, it should be worth it to the person that has it. But if it’s something done out of a fad, that’s another story…

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Jersey Plates.

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Lower back, foot, ankle, “RIP,” pretty much 98% of them probably including mine lol

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I worry that alice in wonder land icons are over done. getting an image or a quote is high up on the list of tattoos i might consider. Alice in wonderland is my favorite book I love evey line. My senior quote was from it. But to get a tattoo that dozens of people have seems silly to me. Disney tattoos in general are all over the place i see tigger tats a lot.

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@live_rose get something more obscure from alice then if thats what you really want but dont want something others have.

like a bad ass jobberwocky :P

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Uber- though I would not get a tat of one I had a 200 gallon tank in my 1st house with Koi and they had pretty cool personalities. I know they are not awesome like a Mantis is but they were entertaining. ;)

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<—- getting @eponymoushipster‘s monkey avatar tattooed on my ass.

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butterflies, barbed wire, half-naked women, frogs, peace signs, etc..

I once talked about getting a tattoo but then my boyfriend told me “you can’t improve upon perfection”. Sweet huh? Nope. He has since taken that statement back. He is trying to convince me he should get a tattoo. lol

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@Dog ohhh man you had a 200g tank with koi…. what a waste :P

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@uberbatman We lived in a house where it snowed and the heater went out a lot. I did not dare try anything salt or delicate.

As far as tattoos I think hummingbirds are overdone.

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ha I love how this discussion has split in half. Tattoos and fish tanks got to love fluther :)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Get RAR (Randomassradio) tattooed instead. Jon and Andy will appreciate it!

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@aprilsimnel getting other languages tattooed on your body is a giant leap of faith hoping you or the tattooist knows the word with certainty . My coworker has sisters written in Gaelic . . . or atleast she thinks so . . . there’s a dispute among those in the work place. My boyfriend plans to get something written in rune and I hope he makes certain he get every letter right.

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@jonsblond well, it is a show focused towards men…

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Kissey lip imprints

“Tramp stamps”


words of advice: don’t let a professed ex junkie apply your ink

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If I ever got a tatoo I’d get the apple symbol not the new one the old one

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My daughter has a fairy on the small and center of her back, geeez, even my mother got a tattoo on her lower right calf of humminbirds and morning glorys…

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Roses, stars, tribals, chinese writing, butterflies, dolphins

All of the above I wouldn’t consider for myself because they are all over done!

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Tramp Stamp.
It’s more common now than barb wire around arm.

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@hungryhungryhortence Boo! I like the kiss imprints! I didn’t know it was common or overdone :( I don’t have one, but wanted my husband to get one. He already has my name..but that was done as a joke.

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i posit the Aerosmith-video style two-part tattoo, where Participant A has one half of a heart or star on their body, and Participant B has the other half.

tacky ass shit.

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Wow… kinda surprised no one’s mentioned the horror-genre eyeballs poppin’, teeth bared, face half-ripped off, blood dripping, scary demon-type tattoos yet. (Especially if it’s a baby, too.)

I personally have never understood wanting something horrific etched on your body forever, though it seems relatively popular.

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@robmandu wanna be tough guys get those sorts of tattoos. I think if a guy wants to be really tough, he should get a My Little Pony tattoo. Then when someone calls him out on it, he can kick their ass and make them kiss his lil pink tatooo. But hey, that’s just me.

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skulls-roses-butterflies-tribal biceps-dragons-anything satanic.

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Oh, I’ve seen enough dudes who think they’re the Second Coming of Tupac. No, you aren’t living the THUG LIFE, kid. Not in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you aren’t. pffft!

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Asian symbols and barbed wire along with tramp stamps of any kind!

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the “tribal” armband is definitely the sign of a massive douchebag.

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The most overdone tattoo is better than these petty comments.

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I don’t really have any problem with any tattoo other than the tribal arm band that has been mentioned a dozen times on here already. It’s the only thing I think is just so generic most of the time. And even some of those are nice. I think some “tramp stamps” are very pretty. Ankle tattoos, stars, dolphins, butterflies- not original, but I mean, they’re very pretty things that go well on a body.

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@ubersiren “jersey plates” make for good target practice. ;)

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what are these jersey plates you speak of?

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@uberbatman you know about jersey girls. those back tats you see down in AC, Cape May, Point Pleasant….they’re called “jersey plates”.

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tramp stamps? or do you mean the mid to upper back ones?

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@uberbatman lower back specifically. especially if it overlaps the crack. that is a jersey plate.

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ok, so just tramp stamps.

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I don’t understand everyone’s hatred of certain locations for tattoos. The lower back is a great place for a tattoo. Why does it have such a bad rap?
Mine is actually pretty high, I’d say possibly three inches from my crack. I sort of feel they did it too high, but since I’m high waisted, it might have looked funny if it were lower because I don’t always wear low rise pants..especially as I get older and get hips, low rise=unattractive.
Also, what the heck is wrong with ankle tattoos? Or bicep tattoos? Seriously, the location hate is the weirdest part to me, because where else are you supposed to get them?!

btw, my husband has quite a few tribal things going on…even on his bicep. AND a dragon! Oh, and a star to cover up a tattoo. GASP! It’s just what he chose to get when he was younger. I know he wants more intricate tattoos now though, and it stinks he has hit body cluttered with what he has, when it’s not a proper expression of who he is.

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@casheroo obviously we weren’t talking about you. you’re wonderful! :)

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@casheroo russian wrist tats aren’t overdone, so kudos!

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@eponymoushipster I did start noticing a rise in language wrist tattoos :( My husband has his in latin, and when I started working after having Cash, pretty much everyone at the restaurant had it…but they have theirs in latin or whatever, and in black ink…mines in red so it’s special (and harder to see, which was my goal!)

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@casheroo oh. well, let’s say you started the trend, eh?

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@casheroo I think wrist tattoos are kind of nifty looking though I don’t think I would ever get one

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‘tribal bands’, birds, nautical stars, butterflies (!), koi fish.

i still want my bird though. i don’t think it matters how many people have them, just as long as it means something to you/you really like it.

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Another overdone tattoo: The Dark Mark. A skull with a snake going thru the eye sockets. It amazes me that people want to allign themselves with evil.

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Cum Target tattoos aka Tramp Stamps at the bottom of back/top of ass of a female. that and nautical stars and MS-13 tats on the face.

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Tattoos show more of the skill of the artist. A very well done tattoo (no matter what it is) can be striking. It’s the shitty little tattoos done by amateurs that bother me. This thing is permanent, why would you let some dipshit with a homemade needle and a bottle of India Ink draw on you?

I’ve read that 50% of tatttoos are seen as mistakes farther down the road in a person’s life. With some of the horrid and amateurish work I’ve seen, I can imagine why.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra i agree, a lot does have to do with the artist. I see a lot of things that make me think “holy fuck you let him draw that on you!? and paid?!” Gotta find a good artist, it is permanent after all.

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stars, kanji, tribal, especially tribal arms bands, zodiac signs,

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I hate tribal tattoos (those), roses, koi fish, and Japanese and Chinese lettering.

An ex got “Lesbian” in Chinese characters/lettering tattooed on her lower back. Now that’s just silly.

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@jmah that’s just weird.

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Huge ones on backs or the “sleeve”.

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