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Next time what can i do to get my breath back ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4387points) September 29th, 2009

Started late this morning nearly mid-day , i choked on a bit of toast and ever since that i couldn’t get a full breath . It doesn’t help that these last few days have been hard on my asthma , for what reason i do not know it’s just been worse than normal .
Anyway its now 5:30pm and i just managed to get full breath and the wheezing has stopped , it was soo hard for me to take the inhaler but i finally managed . I tried going into the steamy bathroom , laying down head and neck extended to max the flow but still no good .
Is there something i can do / keep at hand that might make it easier during another attack . It doesn’t help when hayfever plays apart of it also .

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Go see a doctor.

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If you know you have hay fever & asthma, you need to be taking care of yourself preemptively… Strike before you choke (the choking likely happened because you already weren’t getting a full breath).

I would suggest getting to a doctor or clinic today to get an inhaler and some allergy meds (you really should be taking Zyrtec daily, if you have seasonal allergies).

Next, I would learn how to yoga breath. It will help to calm & relax you and it may help you relax your trachea after choking (I find it helps me to get rid of hiccups,too).

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Is something caught in your throat? Would Heimlich maneuver help? Or pounding on your back, to break off mucus from inside your lungs?

But yeah, you should ask a doctor.

Here’s an article about self-care for choking.

And here’s an article about food allergies.

This article about wheezing says it can be caused by an inflammation of the upper airways. Perhaps the toast caused some inflammation.

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Here is what one site recommends that is similar to what the doctor told me to do, although I do this while sitting down in the shower so I have the steam to help me relax, too:

“Relaxing in order to breathe more easily is not easy in a situation where fear, anxiety, and anger are natural feelings. But it can be done with practice:

* Start by sitting comfortably in a chair. Do not lie down.

* Relax your shoulders and neck. Concentrate on not gasping for air as you drop your shoulders.

* Breathe in slowly through your nose. Concentrate.

* Purse your lips together tightly the way a trumpet player does, and blow out slowly through your mouth. Take as much time as possible to exhale in this way.

* Relax. Keep using the pursed-lip breathing until the breathless feeling goes away. Rest between breaths if you feel dizzy.”

However, any way you can you do need to use your rescue inhaler. You should also sit down with your doctor next time you go and devise an Asthma Care Plan, including when to deem it an emergency. Since this went on for so long it sounds to me as though you should have considered emergency care. Here is more information on care plans.

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You may have inhaled a few dry crumbs from the toast. The other possibility that occurs to me is that the toast probably scraped/irritated your esophagus while it was stuck, and caused a bit of swelling.

Taking sips of water if you’re able should help ease any discomfort. I have asthma and I also find that if I get food stuck, it helps me clear it and recover if I keep my arms above my head for a few minutes – I think it opens up the upper chest a little. But getting in a puff of that rescue inhaler puff should be priority #1.

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