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Why is it LGBT?, T? When did transgender start becoming a sexual orientation minority?

Asked by seano (6points) September 29th, 2009


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Depends on who you talk to. I don’t hear Obama talking about LGBT. Where do you hang out?

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The term LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of “sexuality and gender identity‚Äźbased cultures.”

Transpeople may have any sexual orientation (hetero, homo, everything in between/outside of that) but a lot of the political and social goals of trans people and queer (here used as an umbrella term to refer to all of those who are non-hetero) people are similar. Also a lot of queer people don’t fit typical gender norms, linking them somewhat to the trans movement, even if they are not actually trans. It makes sense to group together, support each other, and have a larger impact by doing so.

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because if you exclude anyone, someone has a pissy fit.

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Well, it seems to me that the experience of being transgender would be unique and that those who are might well want to self0identify as such and meet others who were.

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Transgender is not a sexual orientation, but transgender people face a lot of the same discrimination problems that non-straight people face, and so there’s political common cause to be found.

Also, some of the earlier constructions of homosexuality saw gay men (in particular—lesbians were not as socially visible) as a third sex that was neither straight-male nor straight-female, and that has a lot of resonance with transgender people.

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what does Obama have to do with this??

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Haven’t you heard? Everyones a minority. Well, except straight white males. But, if they’re the ONLY non minority…

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv…then propoganda bs will fall on deaf ears?

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I’ve been hearing the term LGBT for at least six or seven years. It’s really not that new…

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@eponymoushipster hit it right on the head. It’s all about PC these days. I prefer Mac.

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can we not get into a PC debate again

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Propaganda? Why do you assume I’m not sincere in my perspective?

Is it really so wrong if I suggest that there’s a flaw in the minority mentality humorously?

How is my comment different from your ‘pissy fit’ reference?

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I’m sorry, but including trans people is NOT about being PC. It’s about including a marginalized portion of society, with whom the gay community shares both common struggles and common goals. It’s far more about being inclusive and having a bigger voice.

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I’ve been hearing it for a long time too (also GLBT). It’s nothing new, even over here in straightland. I just assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that people who are or once were or might be labeled “deviants” by members of mainstream society had a common interest and supported one another in that; i.e., that it’s more about social and political than strictly sexual lines.

It appears, @seano, that you applied the definition “sexual orientation minority” to it and then asked why all four categories of the term don’t fit the definition. I’d say if all four don’t fit and yet they are grouped together, you’re using the wrong definition.

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@RedPowerLady I didn’t mean to offend you. XD

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@Jeruba: Now that you mention it GLBT is what I always hear (Although no reason the ladies shouldn’t be mentioned first!)

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When the parade reached Kansas City and everybody wanted to build a float.

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How about we just call it a BLT and sandwich all of them together?

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@MissAnthrope I completely agree! GA! (when i mentioned no PC debate I was referring to those who were implying it was a matter of being PC, just to clarify in case it was not obvious).

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@fireinthepriory probably comes with extra meat.

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@fireinthepriory somehow, you end up with some meat between buns and smothered in a sauce.

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@eponymoushipster actually, I’m more in the mood for some tacos…

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