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What's a good way to "Sneak" soy into my diet?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) September 29th, 2009

What’s the best way to get soy into someone’s diet if they think they don’t like soy? For example, serving edamame as an apetizer may get around soy prejudice.

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Surprisingly, the flavored Silk products are rather tasty, if high in sugar.

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Get some soft tofu. Melt some chocolate chips and whip them into the soy to make a chocolate tofu whip.

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Boca burgers are tasty.

But if you truly want to sneak it in you’ll want to try:

Miso into the dishes you create.

Or tofu in place of meat in your recipes. Tofu “meat” crumbles are a good place for beginners to start. You can add them into omelets, spaghetti sauces and lasagna.

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Why do you want to sneak it? There are lots of other good protein choices and soy has been fingered in thyroid and other problems.

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I agree with @Marina, especially if you’re female. It’s been implicated in a lot of health problems in women (including breast cancer… ahhh!) and I think it’s worse for women who are over 30.

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And, I agree with both @Marina & @fireinthepriory and would add that if you have any digestive tract issues (like a gall bladder problem) the soy will likely make it worse.

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I love cold edamame in salads. Edamame by itself is good, but it wouldn’t be very “sneaky.” In salads, it fits in with all the other crunchy, light-tasting stuff and you don’t even really notice it. Soy Joy bars are also really delicious. To me they don’t even really taste like soy…there’s probably a lot of sugar in them, but they’re great as an on-the-go snack. So if you like granola/breakfast bars, maybe replace those with a Soy Joy bar once or twice a week. I also love tofu pepperoni…to me it tastes better than regular pepperoni.

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You can blend silken tofu into fruit smoothies, mmmm delicious.

This would work if the only goal is introducing soy into someone’s diet. But since it’s so disguised in a smoothie, i’m not sure this would have the effect of “converting” someone into a soy-lover.

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I get soy in my coffee.

When I was a vegetarian I found tofu and spices replacing ground beef to be the easiest transition from a meat diet to a non-meat diet. So, if you can make a nice veggy chili that goes down easier than chunks of tofu in a stir fry would.

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Soy is a very good source of protein for most people. Yes, there are some concerns that it causes in the body chemistry that’s like estrogen. And of course estrogen in older women is thought to be a contributing factor to some cancers. The negative effects are for post-menopausal women, not women over 30.

But soy is a great source of protein. It’s got lots fewer down sides that the standard alternatives like beef and chicken – even fish.

And yes, of course some people are allergic to soy. So if you’re allergic, don’t eat it.

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You don’t have to sneak it. Look on the labels of the foods you eat. It’s in just about everything processed. It has been used as a filler for years. My husband is allergic and we have one tough time feeding him sometimes!

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On several occasions, I have experienced diarrhea for no obvious reason, until I read the ingredients of the freezer meal I had eaten that night, there was soy in it. You should never ‘sneak’ food to someone else.

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