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What bands have you been rediscovering lately?

Asked by SheWasAll_ (2033points) September 29th, 2009

In the past few weeks, I have rediscovered a couple bands I wore out in high school, and then remembered why I played them so much. What about you?

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I’ve gotten into the “Ting Tings” lately even though I don’t tend towards popular music.

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Boston, Johnny Horton, Blues Traveler, haha

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The Moody Blues!

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Antlers, Passion Pit, P.S. Eliot, Dirty Projectors, Magic Arms, Blind Pilot, Calvin Harris, Delta Spirit, Los Campesinos!

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Here i go dating myself again: The Kinks. Ray Davies is a genius and their music is still fresh and unique. To a lesser degree, The Animals and The Zombies. @ShanEnri…The Moody Blues have remained high in my playlist since their first album Days of Futures Past and I believe they produced the greatest string of seven consecutive exceptional albums unmatched by anyone save The Beatles. See ya…Gary/wtf

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I hadn’t listened to much Pink Floyd in the past few years. I just started to again, and damn- that’s a good band.

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band of skulls and cage the elephant

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For a slightly different twist to your question, if I may, here’s two bands I loved in my youth, but wore out, have recently revisited, and tho still good muisic, neither seem to carry the same magic they did in my youth: Creedence Clearwater Revival & The Allman Brothers Band.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther how many times have you seen The Kinks in concert?

Yesterday I put Hotel California – The Eagles, Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys and Tapestry – Carole King on my nano.

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@SuperMouse…Sadly once. If I recall, they were banned from playing in the U.S. for a number of years during their early success and it was a very volatile band with quite a bit of fighting between Dave Davies and another band member who was a good friend of Ray Davies. And, the one time I did see them is a faint memory due to some occasional fairly heavy prescription drug use at the time, which probably put me at a level similar to that enjoyed by the band.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther I saw them three times in the late 80’s early 90’s, great concerts. Not to be missed if they ever swing through So Cal again.

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I thought the question was “What BRANDS…” and I was all excited to tell you about recently re-discovering 2000 Flushes.

But, just last night, I fell in love with Flaming Lips all over again.

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@ubersiren….Clouds Taste Metalic!!!!!

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Elizabeth and the Catapult.

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Proto Kaw, nee; Kansas

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@ubersiren Love them! I just saw them at Red Rocks last month, and wow… amazing show.

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I just figured out that I had Franz Ferdinand’s first cd on my mp3 player. That was always a good one.

And the White Stripes’ White Blood Cells. AMAZING album.

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Awesome. And I just want to say that my iTunes is on shuffle and Calculus by 2ge+her is playing right now. Anyone else remember that MTV movie?

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Credence Clearwater revival. Granted I’m not a HUGE fan by any means, but I caught a concert a couple weeks ago and they played a few songs that I used to really like, so I’ve tossed some of their stuff on my ipod and have been listening to them a lot.

Also some 90s bands I forgot about like the cranberries, garbage, leftover crack, collective soul, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Del Amitri to name a few. lol there was some good music going on then.

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I just attended a Dave Brubeck concert last week, and it was just as heavenly as I remembered. He is 69 years old now, and still going strong.

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Pavement, Sonic Youth, Mojo Nixon

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Ive been completely hooked on Rammstein again since last week after i saw their new video (WARNING: very NSFW)

song is so damn catchy

I also got back into Whitey and Murder By Death recently too.

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@uberbatman lol rammstein’s hilarious. ” Don’t you see, I can’t get laid in Germany”

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@uberbatman : I remember being very frightened of Rammstein when I was younger. I thought they were the debbil!

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@ubersiren oh don’t worry, they are. that’s why they’re awesome.

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I’ve never been one for rap but stumbled upon Southern Hospitality by Ludacris and got nostalgiabombed, just because my neighbor was a complete wankster and blast it all day. (We were about 7. :| )
I should also mention it’s one the rap songs I’ll mouth along to and feel silly but happy while doing it. No idea why I do this though

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I forgot a few…
The Beatles
Elton John
Fleetwood Mac
There are more, but I can’t think of all of them!

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Barenaked Ladies
Collective Soul
Fiona Apple
Counting Crows
and A Fine Frenzy after they released their new album :)

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@saraaaaaa I was obsessed with BNL as a child. THey’re such an awesome group. Just recently i started listening to them again and i love them just as much as i used to. woo!

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@deni A fellow fan! Joyous! I had the wierdest dream about the band the other day…

Anywho, favourite song? I am currently massively into Call and Answer, and ‘If i had a million dollars’ lyrical genius

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@saraaaaaa ahhh! if i had a million dollars – a true classic!!! call and answer is good too. i love Old Apartment and It’s all Been done….but there really are soo many good ones

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Lol, another fave has to be Get in Line…ahhh….I could ramble for hours but I shan’t bore you. Instead I shall grin contently along to some BNL :)

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hahahaha i could too! no worries, bnl is never boring. get in line is an excellent song too. AND I LOVE THEIR CHRISTMAS STUFF. especially green christmas, oh my. ok, enjoy! lol

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to be continued for sure :)

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The Killers—I just liked the tunes when I was young (haha, a pun!) and now I really enjoy the metaphorical content and complexity of the lyrics.

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