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Should I ask for his number?

Asked by Oz_1 (30points) January 28th, 2008

Hi everyone. I needed some advice in relation to a guy I recently met at a mutual friends party. We didn’t talk when we were at the bar (#) but once we got to our friends place we couldnt stop talking. We got on very well, however I started the talking…he didn’t say anything first (#) and I’m not sure if he might remember me as he had a few beers to drink (#). I was too shy to ask for his number as I’ve never asked a guy for his number…I’m just not the type (Im too shy) for me to start the conversation meant he was just too good to ignore. As I said…we got on very well and the talking lasted for hours…what concerns me is a number of things (the point’s in #)...Is it right to ask my friend for his number or am I drawing the line? I mean…he might not even remember me. And he’s good friends with my friends partner and not my friend directly….Any suggestions?

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well . . .
you never know until you try. just do it! what do you have to lose?
do you think you might regret not asking sometime in the future?

hope this helps.

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This is the perfect situation to ask for his number. You say he’s your friend’s partner’s friend? (which is much less complicated than it looks in print), so it’s perfect: he’s close enough to easily get information about him/get in touch with him, yet he’s far enough removed that if it doesn’t go well, you won’t run into him very often.
If he chatted you up for a good long while, of course he’ll remember you. If he wasn’t falling down drunk, I’m sure his memory is just fine.
Ask your friend for a little basic info, and if the guy is single, ask for his number.
I actually met an amazing girl last week under almost identical circumstances, and you’ve just inspired me to take my own advice.. good luck to us both.

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What does it hurt to ask? Worst case scenario, he vaguely remembers you as someone he talked to at the party, and he has no interest in continuing it. Best case, he’s thinking about asking his friend for your number.

What are you risking? What have you got to lose?

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learning to deal with rejection , is not the end of the world . Plus it feels so much better then shying away . Grab your pen or pencil !!! Love

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nothing ventured nothing gained

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Get all the pertinent info about him from your friend (is he single, gay, etc.) and then ask your friend (or her partner) to give your number to him.

Then sit back and wait. Not too long, of course. If he doesn’t call, he wasn’t interested. But that way you put the onus back on him and prevent the emasculation he might feel at being “asked out” (some men are like that, I guess).

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I just read your reply to a similar question I asked before. Take it from me, go for it!! At least you have the benefit of being able to track him down. I would give anything to have an opportunity to contact the guy I met.

I was in the same boat as you… I usually never approach guys and never have the urge to ask for their number, but I did with this guy and I ended up not asking for his number. And oh, how I regret it!

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Just make sure he knows how to find you if he wants to.

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If you think he really likes you then go for it but I f you ask him and he says no maybe you can ask for a email

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