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Does the iPhone "Safari" browser provide "proxy-based" browsing?

Asked by madrogue (13points) January 28th, 2008

Is the content in the iPhone browser collected on a server, then streamed to the device, or does the browser work like traditional browsers where the HTML and images are downloaded to and rendered on the device?

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Mobile Safari is built on the same Webkit that powers the desktop version of Safari. When you browse via Safari on the iPhone you make the same type of http request to the server as you would from the desktop version and render the web pages in the same way.

I doubt that AT&T is using a proxy server for their data network, if they are then its not very fast.

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It’s definately some sort of proxy though it’s not AT&T
On the same connection iPhone loaded an old version of a (my) website than my pc
After Cleared cache on both

Btw Site was on line only

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