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If you had to use the same answer for every question on Fluther, what would your answer be?

Asked by _Sners_ (15points) September 29th, 2009

Jesus Christ is your answer.

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“What do you mean by that?”

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What the FLUTHER?

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I’d say, “Think about it for a while.”

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“Could you elaborate?”

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“OMG. Are you serious? Please don’t tell me you’re serious.”

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A link to Google
Unless it’s a discussion thread

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Flag ‘em & Forget ‘em
It’s my Fluther motto

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Read your own question…think about it, if you can’t figure it out and answer it…google it!

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Wow, I did not know that!

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“I can’t believe you asked that. That’s too funny. I guess you’re not too smart.”

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“It depends”

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“Facade is so hot.”

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silly goose

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Removed by Fluther Moderators. would be my answer.

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“Fuck, I hate people”.

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Lurve is the word!

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Frizzer with a side of pancakes of course.

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Sure, why not?

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“Well, that’s a dumb idea.”

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“no coment”

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You did what with who for how many cookies?

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“Wow, that sure is something.”

Or… “your mom.”

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Lets not and say we did.

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“I have people to do & things to see”

Ok so this is for the high schoolers on here

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“you need a double dose of eponymoushipster.”


“shut up”

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“So that’s when the shit hit the fan?!”

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“Do a barrel roll!”

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Sit down and obey the pretty cop

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Welcome to Fluther. Lurve.

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Go to a doctor/vet.

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lol! that’s a good one!

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Mine would have to be:

[mod says] Personal attacks are not permitted and have been removed. ;-)

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that’s what she said.

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and not give lurve to anyone. ;)

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Chicken butt!

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Why? A little birdie told me so. That’s why.

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“Don’t be an asshole.” SO many problems are solved when people follow that advice.

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Get your banana suit on cause it’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Solves everybody’s problems.

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Read the fucking manual.

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“This question was asked before”

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What can I say?

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The pancakes are in the frizzer.

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…with the babby.

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Is that how babby is formed? in a frizzer?

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@Sarcasm only if it’s under the pool

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Follow the logic, you will find the truth.

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