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Do men/women seem to find you more attractive in other places?

Asked by answerjill (6169points) September 29th, 2009

Do you find that tend to get more attention when you are traveling than when you are in your home territory? By “attention,” I mean sexual or romantic attention—flirting, compliments on your appearance, etc. If so, what have those experiences been like for you?

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I’m equally undesirable wherever I am.

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Yep, I did. I got a lot of attention out in Cali

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I haven’t been to many places, but no, not that I have noticed.

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I get waaaaay more attention on station than I do anywhere else. That probably has to do with the fact that, while there are more women in Antarctica than before, we are still a minority. And an even larger minority are single, semi attractive young women, which I think includes me. Add to that the red hair, green eyes and outgoing personality, and sweet Jesus. Please don’t think I’m conceited, you asked, I’m telling. I don’t mind the attention, but I just wish I was attracted to more of these guys. It makes for really awkward meals.

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And not to mention, you’re easy to spot in the snow. ;>)

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@SeventhSense – Yes, that’s true. lol

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I’m not the right shape in my home country. In Jamaica, I look rich, gorgeous and healthy.

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I have found that, when out of the country, I do tend to get more attention. I have been to the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize and the Dominican Republic. In all of these places, males seemed to stare, wink and flirt more. In the DR, I was constantly being touched and admired. (I was told this was because of my fair skin.)

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I get more male attention in San Francisco than in Denver. I’m very tall and like to wear bright and sparkly things and big jewelery. Somehow my look is more appreciated there. I also get more attention when I’m on vacation, but I cop that up to being less stressed, more smiley, and seeming more inviting.

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I have better luck where I live than I do anywhere else, and most of them are like Moose from the Archie comics. Big, but stupid.

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I got some flirting from men in Greece. Greeks are naturally flirtatious though.
Some men hit on me in Cancun too, but that’s a total horn dog location.

When men flirt with me at home, they tend to be a few years older too. I’m guessing around 26–27ish. I know that wasn’t in the question, but I thought I’d share anyway.
I’m 21 (almost 22) by the way.

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When i go to the Helen Keller School for Children, it seems like women can’t keep their hands off me.

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Don’t quit your day job. :)

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@SeventhSense you mean at the Blind Woman Banana Shucking Factory? i’d never quit!

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I receive a lot more attention from men in Southern California especially coastal spots than I do here in Northern Cal. I am definitely a So Cal girl at heart and feel like a ‘fish out of water’ up here. Makes sense to me. I know some people say that opposites attract, but in my opinion, like attracts like. Relocation is in the works. ;)

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I don’t know whether they found me more attractive, but I’ve found that girls in Pennsylvania are much more willing to make eye contact and flirt with me than girls in New Jersey.

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@petethepothead that’s cause the girls in Jersey are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror (says the guy in PA).

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Could be symptomatic of the grass is always greener syndrome.

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yes- i’m asian and gay- i get hit on/picked up more often whenever i’m in the south (atlanta, new orleans, etc.) vs. whenever i’m up north (chicago, new york, etc.)- i think it’s because as an asian guy and gay, i’m rarer in the south

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@owenburnett maybe they like Entourage more down there?

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I can’t answer this, as I don’t go anywhere.

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I seem to be more attractive to the opposite sex in places where it’s dark. Really dark.

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Oh yes, it’s a huge difference. I was just in Latvia where all those gorgeous-looking girls (some of them quite young too) thought I was extremely cute, and 3 of them practically fought over me. In my hometown the best compliment a woman has ever made is “you look fat, lose weight”.

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Thanks for the great answers, so far!

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I don’t know about more attention in actual places but I find that hispanic men and Italian men usually love me!

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Yet another reason to be jealous of women. Or maybe of anyone who looks hot. As far as I’m concerned there seems to be an equal level of ambivalence towards me, no matter where I am. However, there does seem to be a difference in response to me on different websites. But maybe that’s because I behaved differently on different websites.

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Yeah, I think I need to start traveling again….

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<—- <3’s U too..
but isn’t Italian or Spanish :)

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<——<3’s you! And you fall underneath the category of men that just appreciates true beauty :) Which i might add is why I love you!

SeventhSense's avatar heart

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Always a charmer

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When I go abroad… anywhere abroad lol….

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Spain, although Spanish men are known for ‘pervy’ tendancies…or so I’m told. Feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.

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I think that there may also be difference when one travels throughout one’s own country. For example, I couldn’t get a date in high school (in suburban NY), but then I met a guy from the Midwest on a school trip and he was immediately interested in me.

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Sure. When overseas, it happened. Europeans love Canadians! Greek and Italian boys (and girls), especially.

Even when I travel to different States, I get a bit more attention —once they hear that accent. When I went to a border town in Texas, the people in the small town were predominantly Hispanic. I got hit on by a bunch of men there. My girlfriend just told me to stay close to her and her bro when we were walking about.

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@jmah Excuse me.. you’re Canadian? My Greek self couldn’t help but overhear. Hellooooo.

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@Allie, Hey, chica. Greeks are indeed hot, though, eh? ;-)

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@jmah Why, thank you.

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