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What should I do about my roommates music?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6751points) September 29th, 2009

My roommate listens to hip hop, and I have no problem with that. He brought his really good not to mention expensive sound system which doesn’t work with my iPhone for some reason, which is besides the point because I really don’t mind his music. I would play my own music (alt rock) but I need my phone by me at all times, not at the other end of the room on the dock.

But what really pisses me off is that he plays the same 12–15 songs over and over again. It’s really getting on my nerves, and I just want some variation.

If I knew anything about hip hop, I would make a playlist for him, but unfortunately that is not the case. Is there anything I can do?

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Advertise for a new roommate. Musical tastes are pretty deeply embedded.

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Tell him to either add more songs or purchase headphones. Headphones do not need to be expensive.

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Give him some new tunes to listen to? Ask him to teach you about hip hop so maybe he’ll have to change up his play list to make his points? Ask him for more variety? Give him a set of headphones? Commit justifiable homicide?

Well, maybe not that last thing, but you need to figure out how to talk to him so both of you can enjoy your shared space.

Or get a new roommate.

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Get your own system and play your music on occasion. It’s not that big of a deal. And if it becomes one, search for new roomies.

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@PnL Tell him to either add more songs or purchase headphones. Headphones do not need to be expensive.

For an audiophile they do, but then – HipHop? Audiophile?

No, you are right – they don’t need to be expensive. :)

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Kiddo, you need to learn how to COMMUNICATE with your roommate or else this is the first of a hundred thousand problems you will have. Here’s how it goes:

Mtl_zack: Hey dude, the playlist you’ve had on for the last few weeks is awesome but I’m getting kind of tired of it. Can you change it to something else?

Roommate: Sure. You’re the best roommate ever!

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To clarify:

I’m on rez, so I can’t switch. Plus he’s a great guy, so I don’t wanna.
I really like having music playing, even hip hop, but I just need a variety
I don’t wanna play my own music because I need my phone nearby, plus I don’t need my music all the time
As for asking, I have done so on many occasions, but he says “ya definitely” but then he doesn’t get it done. I don’t wanna push it because I’ve prompted him so many times within a small time frame.

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Introduce him to something like Pandora, to help him find new songs in his genre to enjoy.

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Mtl_zack: I haven’t been exposed to much hip-hop, so I appreciate learning about it. But I have to ask you a question, and forgive my ignorance. Does it all sound the same, or are you playing the same 10 songs over and over and over again?

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Why don’t you ask him to put some of your music on his system?

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Find an older style iPod on Craigslist for a few bucks and use that to play your music. Other than that, talk to your roommate. Communication is the key to getting results.

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Or you could introduce him to Fluther and we could tell him.

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Listen to your alternative rock out loud and play the same song over and over again.
heavy rock!

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say the same 12 sentences to him whenever he addresses you until he gets it.

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but seriously, just make a playlist yourself, look at the songs he plays non stop, and follow the yellow brick artist path… I’m sure he’s not going to dismiss the existence of more than 12 good hip hop songs, he just seems like he’s smoked a little too much weed in his life ;).

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Maybe offer to “get him” some music if he has a small library. That way, you ask what albums/artists he wants, he has a bigger collection and both are happy.


Zack: Dude. Are you serious??? This song, again? Man, I’m beginning to worry about your brain!
Roommate: What’s this about my brain?
Zack: It seems you can handle only a few songs at a time, you should get that checked out with a doc.


Zack: Hey man, you really got to increase your playlist, I’ve been hearing these songs in my sleep!
Roommate: Yeah sure.
Zack: If you aren’t quite sure how to drag and drop songs into your playlist, I’ll be happy to help (said jokingly)
Him: Um. I know how to work iTunes man.
Zack: Oh ok, I wasn’t sure…that’s good then.


Hook up your laptop to the sound system and play Single Ladies by Beyonce on repeat. Even if he hates the song, it will be stuck in his head

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Play Cannibal Corpse full blast at 4:45 in the morning every morning the same song on repeat.

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It’s your space too, so tell him you’re bothered by it and if he doesn’t change it then move out ASAP. Don’t stay w/ a roommate who doesn’t respect your happiness.

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Or, when you reach your limit, start singing this at the top of your lungs…

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@PnL Playing Single Ladies is just cruel. Be constructive.

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Talk to him about it

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hip hop is a marketing music. so people tend to listen to the same few songs over and over, like advertisements. i’d get a new roommate.

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Ok guys: [some of] these suggestions are pretty good. I think I’ll keep on nagging him about it, and if he still doesn’t budge, I think I’ll get a cheaper old school iPod and load some songs onto there as @franksjacket said.

And one guy from next door just came by to ask to turn down the bass, which was exceptionally loud for some reason. This gave me a last resort idea: If I can get other people to complain about it, then it’s not just me he’s pissing off. He’ll be forced to add more music if he has 10 people breathing down his neck.

And for everyone who says to get a new roommate, this is impossible, because I live on residence, and it’s already a month in.

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Maybe something like this.

His stereo should have RCA inputs and you can keep your phone close.

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JP – The voice of logic.

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Make him listen to Danger doom he’ll be hoooked on that instead :P

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I had a lab-mate once who was just like that -except it was that euro house-rave stuff and Candy Dulfer. We had to institute a certain number of vetos per day to each person in the lab. I finally had to tell him I could sit through lots of cajun accordian music and that I’d bring it in if I didn’t start hearing some real variety in what he was playing.

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Get him an iTunes gift card, and the iTunes Genius can suggest other artists he might like, based on what he already owns, since you say you are unfamiliar with hip-hop. Also, there have numerous posts on Fluther discussing hip-hop and rap artists that are recommended… try a search!

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