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I know you can search for a users questions but how can you search for a users answers of Fluther?

Asked by RIGGORYU (15points) January 28th, 2008
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You can’t do it in the search box, as far as I know, but if you want to see all posts of a given user, you can use google to limit your search to Fluther and search for the user’s name like so.

The process is kind of tedious, though.

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Yes, I’ve thought about how handy a user answer search function might be.
And, if fluther can had a search function that can limit/sort user results with “great answers” (a score of at least 1 or above) that would be even cooler!

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Okay have to give credit to Mirza on this one-he’s a genius :)

To see someone’s activity RSS feed:
To see someone’s activity RSS feed:
(where username is the actual username of the person you are to track).

Seems to work for most user’s profiles-but for some reason not mine (sndfreQ)? Go figure-it does work though-enjoy!

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Hi all,

Yeah, we plan to add this feature quite soon, but there’s currently no “official” way to do it.. until then these are all some great hacks!

@lifeflame: Neat idea.

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