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What's up with the visible boom mics in "Stranger Than Fiction"?

Asked by mdlukas (40points) December 18th, 2006
Subtle and annoying meta-narrative wink? Huge editing snafu? Or what?
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I don't know if this is related, but I swear I saw tons of visible booms mics throughout all of "Signs"... it totally ruined it for me
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No one else saw them, and it's a weird mystery I've never uncovered
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Of note, I saw it in a drive-through (but long after the movie was released). There's got to be some weird clipping issue with some projectors or something.
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i didn't notice them at all in Stranger than Fiction, and I have noticed them in other movies. I wonder if there are different versions of the same film distributed in different places?
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there were mics in almost every shot in strange than fiction, a problem that almost never happens in major films. nice movie but this element was not seen through, particularly since it was never acknowledged by a character
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I don't think the mics were supposed to be there.
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Normally boom mics are visible only through projectionist error. The mic is visible at the top of the shot, but outside the part of the film that's supposed to be projected on-screen. But with Stranger Than Fiction, it sounds like many people have seen the boom mics. Maybe they had an error printing the film, or maybe the boom mics are just extremely close, requiring really good projectionists.
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Yes, the drive through thing makes total sense- it was a problem with the projection. There is an area of the frame that is not meant to be projected. I didn't see any booms in Signs. Ben, haven't once been a boom operator you should be an expert! I don't remember them in every shot in Stranger Than Fiction, so it's possible that was an error with the projection as well. That being said, boom mikes commonly find their way into the projected area of many a great film. While Stranger Than Fiction was released widely, the actually production company was a pretty small one, which has nothing to do with whether they would hire good boom operators or not, but for FYI I don't think it was such a big film in terms of budget.

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In “Night at the Museum” there was an intense penetration of boom mics onto the screen. It seriously added to the badness of the movie.

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Like ‘bob’ said, most of the time if you see a boom mic while watching a movie in a theater, it is due to them projecting in the wrong aspect ratio and showing more of the frame then the filmmakers intended.

Bottom line- blame the theater, not the filmmakers. And as a side note- you can get your money back if you complain to the manager about it

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