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Will the "old lady" hairstyles of today still be popular when we get older?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) October 1st, 2009

You can answer for your own age, I guess.

There’s always the hip granny who sports a younger do, but I think the majority of older ladies still have that… helmet of curls thing going on, or something similar. Shorter cut and curly. I’ve been told that when we age, our hair gets more brittle and that’s part of the reason for the shorter cut, and it thins out which is the reason for the curls.

Seems like this has been the style for decades. Are we going to change that?

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Everything old is new again.

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Only time will tell… But I do work with the elderly and I have observed that the helmet head is mostly on those women with very thin hair. I guess it’s the female equivalent of the comb-over.

Unless women shaving their head becomes popular, I can’t imagine what alternatives these women have. A colleague of mine is barely over 40, and her hair is quite thin on top already… it doesn’t help that she is petite, either, so many people easily see the top of her head.

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The “old lady” hairstyles of today will be your hair style.

When you become an old lady.

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Ha! I’ve wondered that myself! And also, will grandmas and grandpas still be wise when I’m one, because chances are I’ll still be cussing and drinking!

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I think it has more to do with generational styles than age. I’m sure I’ll still wear my hair long and straight when I’m old. I’m not going to start sporting a new do just because I hit a certain age.

I’ll still be wearing jeans and sneakers when I’m 80. If I make it that far.

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My hair dresser said she doesn’t think perks wl ever come back in fashon (so we will probably never ask for them.)
she said she thinks color is here to stay and color and perks don’t mix well.

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Well, doesn’t older ladies have short hair because of the weak and frail hair quality they get growing old? I am not sure you have much of a choice.

But that doesn’t include blue hair. Man, I’ve seen both green and purple too. I hope we’ll see less of that.

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@Judi : What’s a perk?

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i’m old and my hair is still thick and shiny. and long. when I get really old i’ll get a cute bob i’ll never wear helmet head. @ubersiren it’s a perm

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It depends on your hair. I am old also, and the hair that drove me nuts as a teen-ager is a blessing now. Thick and wavy and brown with white streaks is wonderful. I can clip it in various ways and just wash, condition add some curling product and be on my way.

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When you ladies say you’re old, how old do you mean, if you don’t mind answering? Obviously, you dont’ have to. :o)

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@ubersiren ; I was on my iPhone and must have slipped a finger or two! OOps! I meant Perm. Also, I think it’s all those perms that make their hair brittle!!

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Well, I think they’re here to stay, – the old ladies and the hairstyles – so to speak. I’ve seen the old lady/blue hair since I was a little kid and I still see it today. I think it just must be easier for them to do, or have their hairdresser do. I also think going to the hairdresser is more of a treat when you are older, or at least a time filler when you don’t have much going on in your day. “Hey Fred! I’m going to the hairdresser to meet up with Doris and Blanche. Be back in five hours!”

That isn’t to say there won’t be the women who keep their hair longer and dye it, etc. I was just in Florida at a resort and there was a woman, I think she was probably in her 70s, and she was very stylish and dressed to the nines. Her hair was dyed blonde. It was long and she had it up in a twist and clip and it looked very chic. But I don’t think it could look so hot when she takes it down at night for bed. (Eww – I don’t want to think about that….) Her husband must like long hair because his was down to his shoulders.

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@Judi : That’s sort of what I thought… if their hair is so fine and brittle, I’d think the last thing they’d want is chemicals on their hair. I dunno. I guess we’ll understand when we get there!

Thanks for the age answers, both public and private. You lucky old beautiful beetches, you. My mom is turning 60 and has very pretty dark brown hair with a silver streak in the front. It’s almost superhero-ish. She keeps it short (cuts it herself) but doesn’t perm or color it. I hope I’m as lucky as she is.

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When I decided to take early retirement, I also stopped cutting my hair in a short professional style that requires a lot of fussing and use of products, with noplace to hide if it doesn’t turn out well. I am going back to longer hair, easy to care for and easy to maintain.

I’m now four months grown out, and it’s a bit awkward, but I don’t care. Eventually this will make me look not like the old ladies of today but the old women of my grandmothers’ time, with their long white hair in buns or braids or coiled braids. I used to wear my hair long and know how to do everything with it. (I do believe that long, loose hair is for younger women.) I would rather do that than have one of those abominable little short curly white perms that go so well with lavender polyester pantsuits and small yappy dogs. What does make a woman get up one morning and say to herself, “I want to look like that”?

@tinyfaery, jeans and sneakers and long hair are exactly why we are much younger than our grannies were at our age.

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I imagine the differences between people in different phases of their life will become insignificant one day, due to our technology.

For starters, in the coming decades children will be smarter and people will age slower and not experience such dramatic effects of aging. Maybe in the 2060s, women in their 60s will look like todays women in their 30s, sporting youthful hairstyles and skin.

Then one day I suppose humans at birth will be more or less like they are when they die, except for all the information they’ve learned; a person will be born into the world appearing physically the same as they always will, prior to birth being grown inside a sort of artificial womb until they reach a developed phase. They’ll be ready to live an adult life from day one, and will continue for as long as they wish.

Well that’s what I think…

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People tend to keep to the styles of their youth. The “old lady” shoes when I was young were the stylish high-heeled oxfords of the 1940’s. The “old lady” helmet of curls hair was the style in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I suspect the “old lady” shoes I will wear will be Birkinstocks, and my hair will be long, straight hippie hair unless I develop some condition that won’t allow me to raise my arms high enough to brush it.

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I think, barring physical changes, people tend to wear the same styles they have always worn. I’m almost sixty, and I don’t wear my hair appreciably different than I did in my ‘20s. I think people tend to have less time to spend on keeping up with the latest fashions as they grow older. Besides, they know they no longer have the wrinkle-free faces and toned bodies of the models they see in magazines.

My style worked well in the ‘70s, and it works well for me now. I tend toward the classic, so I don’t think I look TOO old-fashioned, though it may be a little bit. But I suspect that people in their ‘20s will look a little old-fashioned when they reach my age, too.

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I can’t wait to see old ladies with pink and purple streaks in their hair and wearing black fingernail polish. That is, if I am still alive by then.

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everything comes back around again. who’d think styles of the 1980s would resurface in contemporary fashion today? it already has.

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Well, some of us have absolutely no choice. I had a severe allergic reaction to some medication, and most of my long, beautiful hair fell out, so I had to cut it all off. The wisps that are left turned completely white.

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I have had thick but very fine straight hair all my life. I get a body perm once or twice a year and keep it a moderate length. I now have a fair number of gray ones mixed in but I don’t mind, it is like my red badge of courage, I doubt that I will ever color it.

Now I am not a fan of blue hair either, but I also dislike any unnatural color. So the red, pink, orange, jet black, etc. are just as unattractive to me as the old ladies with the blue rinse.

I am almost 65 and I don’t notice than my hair is particularly brittle, but I eat well and take the occasional multi-vitamin which I think keeps my hair and my body in pretty good shape for an old broad.

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i do think so.
but i have thin hair as it is, so i think i’m going to invest in a badass wig collection/

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@tiffyandthewall : just don’t get the wigs from those coupon pamphlets that come in the mail. They oogly.

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I think the “poodle do” as I call it will probably live forever. I have really curly hair and my sister told me when I get old and get my hair roller set at the beauty shop every week I will love it because it will stay good. I just can’t ever see myself with the poodle do tho.

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i have no intention of wearing that hairdo no matter how long it lasts i intend growing old with my hair as long as it can get .i will wear a very long braid and when i die they will have to wrap it around me in my coffin.

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