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Is there anything natural or over the counter that can curb the craving for booze?

Asked by JulieJewel (44points) October 1st, 2009


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Sugar might, but research it first. I vaguely remember reading something about alcoholics replacing their addiction with sugary foods.

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I find that a bottle of good Malt Scotch curbs my craving for booze.

I suspect that is not what you are looking for. There is no non-prescription form of Antabuse (disulfiram) or its many variants that I am aware of. Are you looking to use it yourself or “slip” it to someone in an attempt to stop them drinking?

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Some OTC Medications and Supplements considered to offer benefit in the management of excessive drinking:
Milk Thistle
GABA (Gamma-amino-butyric acid)
Vitamin B – formulations including Thiamine and Folic acid


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@davidk Some OTC Medications and Supplements considered to offer benefit in the management of excessive drinking:


L-Glutamine? How does that work in suppressing drinking? You have aroused my curiosity but the link gives no detail or explanation.

I use Creatine and L-Glutamine daily, and I drink daily – but not to excess or when working out.

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I honestly don’t know how the chemistry works. I was passing on the information from another posting. By in large, I’m not a drinker and my favorite drinks always get me made fun of by my friends…peach Bellinis etc.

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@davidk: Ooh, I love a good peach bellini :D

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Anabuse. It’ll make you puke if you drink. That’ll curb your cravings pretty quick, though not in quite the way you were thinking.

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It really requires some professional assistance. DIfferent people have different physical and emotional reasons for drinking.

You could ask a doctor for Antabuse, but it does not stop cravings, it just sets up a violently strong negative physical reaction to alcohol.

When you are addicted to alcohol, it has become the replacement for a whole range of things: friends, love, family. You drink when you are sad, drink when you are happy, drink when you are blue.

Thus, it requires a whole range of replacements when you stop. Physical activity can help. Seeing a therapist if you are sober now can help, because you can take a look at any underlying emotional problems (often alcoholics are self-medicating depressives) that you have. While some people are put off by the religious aspects of AA, the idea of a sponsor that you can call when you are struggling and get support is a good thing.

Good luck.

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I heard that hypnosis can help.

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Hypnosis, exercise, non-alcoholic drinks, will power, support of others

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Yes, professional assistance.

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@kevbo is on the right track: when I got sober I was told to make sure I had a couple of pieces of hard candy with me in case I had a physical craving. But unless you are medically dependent on alcohol (i.e., if you get DTs when detoxing), you won’t have any physical cravings after about 72 hours.

The tricky part of alcohol is the psychological craving, which, as people have said requires distraction and replacement with exercise, AA meetings, being with supportive people, staying away from old haunts and old drinking buddies.

(BTW, anyone at risk for DTs should be medically supervised during detox. MDs will often prescribe Valium to those at risk of DTs or siezures.)

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