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Is there anything special I should do to care for a Ficus?

Asked by andrew (16358points) January 28th, 2008

I recently acquired a very healthy Ficus tree that has lived outdoors. I’ve brought the tree into my apartment—I’ve heard that outdoor Ficus trees can get a fungus if moved indoors. Should I do anything special to care for the tree?

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The only problem I’ve ever had with an indoor Ficus was putting it too close to an open window in the late fall – the cool breezes caused it to drop all of its leaves. I’ve heard Ficuses (Ficii?) are sensitive to this kind of thing. With mine, the leaves eventually grew back but it took a long time and it looked pretty sad for a while.

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Ficus usually lose their leaves once a year. Mine is 30 years old and has lived both inside and outside (during the summer). Ficus should be pruned so that it won’t grow tall and spindly. Pruning will keep it “full.” They also do well if you pay attention to its growth and re-pot it if need be.

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Something nice for a ficus is to clean the leaves with a damp cloth—it shines them up and lets them breathe.

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How much water should they get?

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Full sun in the window if moved from outside or get ready for leaf drop.

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ya got me, I“ve killed each and every one I’ve owned in my life. I’ll follow this thread to learn about ficus dos and don’ts

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Did this ficus survive?

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It sure did! It’s gone through two seasons already, lost its leaves, and then has regrown them back! It’s back outside now.

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i’ve learned that they don’t like to be moved around. once you’ve found a place for it, leave it there. in the winter rotate it so that it keeps full. i take mine out in the summer to a part sunny spot. it loves it. full sun outside will burn the leaves.

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