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Is there any Folding@Home guru's on fluther?

Asked by Axemusica (9430points) October 2nd, 2009

I have a playstation 3 and quite often when I’m not using it I run Folding@home on it.

I was just wondering how I could get it so it runs as my own account instead of the default PS3. I.E. it says my user name and I could check my stats and contributions and what not.

I don’t fold on my laptop, because I’m afraid it might kill it, but the PS3 is super powerful for folding. I tried searching through their site on how to do so, but I’m not even sure if they offer a way to do so with a PS3. I’m not even sure how to create an account, lol. Any ideas?

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I set this up ages ago on ps3 , forgotten how to infact . One of the buttons brings up options here you can set a Team i suggest fluther and you can also enter name and what not . Hope this link will help Team fluther : 169922 < enter this under team

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@sandystrachan Well, I had already been to that link, but it wasn’t very helpful. I did however figure it out. The option to change donor name and team is hidden deep within other settings and what not. I’m now part of team fluther though :)

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