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What is the best way for a glasses wearer to also wear ski goggles?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) December 18th, 2006
I haven't skiied since I started wearing glasses daily, do I just need to suffer through a day of contacts?
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I've never had trouble with my ski goggles getting in the way of my glasses -- you just have to make sure your goggles are big enough.
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I have to wear goggles over my glasses??? Is there a cooler looking way...?
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Well, you can also get prescription goggles.
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But no one can see your glasses under your goggles.
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Ok, thanks for the information :)
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my father got goggles made by an optician. not that cheap, but seems to be working fine.

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any goggle called OTG (over the glasses) goggle should work… although i do recommend going and trying pairs on at shops and then see if you can find a cheap pair online…

i wore goggles over glasses for a few years and would reccomend any OTG pair, they’re not too ugly

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