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Anyone watching the State of the Union Address?

Asked by vanguardian (845points) January 28th, 2008 from iPhone

OMFG… I can’t take this crap anymore. What a bunch of empty suits. All of them. Who are they kidding? I was listening to a JFK speech before…Where in the world can we find a leader that we can be proud of? Anyone. Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist, Libertarian, Independent…I don’t care anymore. I just want a good damn “real” president. We don’t have anything in the next election either. Why are we always having to settle. Oh and can we have a president that can string 3 sentences together without screwing up? Can we get Churchill on the ticket?

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Let the fluther liveblogging/complaining begin.

Churchill is dead, but he was imperfect, just like our current candidates. Even if he was better—Churchills don’t come around every day. We’ve got some good options this time around. That’s something. Obama is something. McCain might be something.

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Ron Paul might be something. Can I hear it for freedom people??

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I made it through about fifteen minutes. Damn. Seriously, damn. Ahhh, the shit is still on. Goes back to listening to Ladytron.

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pelosi reportedly said she was glad this was his last SOTU speech.

I can’t believe he still says “nucular.” So emblematic of his obstinacy & ignorance.

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No, it would probably just make me frustrated. I’ll catch the highlights tomorrow.

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@chris I’ve been keeping my eye on Ron Paul. Maybe we need something different and he does have different views.

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I’ve lost the attribution but a guy who writes a satirical column ended yesterday’s w. “Bush’s speech will be simulcast in English.”

Tonight, I went to see THE KITE RUNNER, – a stunning and important movie that reminds us of all the horrors perpetrated by the Taliban in Afganistan…

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Churchill was an alcholic. JFK was a womanizer. You must have base your “facts” on history books. Remember Presidential legacys change over time and it’s based on who writes the history books.

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@gooch I was mainly talking about how they spoke compared to the way Bush speaks, as I watched the State of the Union. Regardless, what difference does it make if one was a drunk or womanizer?Hitler was a vegetarian that never smoked nor did he drink. So that logic doesn’t seem to work for me.

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No, just fustrated that i did not get my terminator show, when i wanted it, also i am canadian and i do not listen my own prime minister…

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