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How do you avoid being distracted by sites like this when you need to get some work done?

Asked by BenByTheWay (147points) October 2nd, 2009

I can see how this site could become an addiction. Any tips to turn it off when you need to work?

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Rap yourself over the knuckles. I keep one small window on a multi-screen system open with Fluther in it – when it is quiet I can respond. I used to keep one window open with various cryptic crosswords in it – Fluther has superseded cryptics.

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I totally need to follow this question, as I get next to nothing done. ever.

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Don’t take your computer with you… the only thing I’ve learned after 3 years of college. If you’re typing a paper turn off your wifi. Even changing your scene and doing work somewhere you wouldn’t naturally works for me, less distraction.

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I just exit out any distracting tabs. Out of sight, out of mind.

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couldnt tell you as im on here right now…... Ya know instead of cleaning my fish tank/room/ all the other shit i have to do.

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Save fluther to your favorites and come back to it later.

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I took fluther out of my favorites, removed the tab off my browser, so I have to re-type it in the address bar everytime. I hang out here for 30 minutes max, and then go elsewhere. It’ll still be here when I get back. not like those assholes at shutterpond, that simply vanished one day.

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ditto to evelyns pet zebra:

i used to have fluther in my favorites, but it was just too easy to click it. so last may when finals rolled around i deleted it from my favorites so that i could resist the simple click. now when i want to come here i have to type it into my browser, some hoe that takes away my desire to come just to browse.

if i am just dying to peak at fluther or facebook, i set a couple ground rules, like looking only at my activity and not browsing through any new questions.

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Unfortunately for my customers, I don’t. Oh well. They can always get together and sort out whose mail is whose.

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I haven’t figured it out yet.

For all the enjoyment I get from Fluther, it’s the worst thing to happen to me productivity-wise in many months.

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there’ s a free download called ‘freedom’ that disengages the web surfing on your computer for any period of time (yes, there’s a way to emergency disengage it)

something else that I do that’s helpful…(don’t laugh) is anything that involves ‘leisure’ surfing I choose to do with my left hand. I’m right handed and a fairly proficient typist (not speller) so when I get distracted with web surfing I choose to hunt and peck for keys with my left hand…thus making it more awkward and I visit sites less.

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@JulieJewel Welcome to Fluther!

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@augustlan: I wonder if @JulieJewel‘s answer will change once she’s fully assimilated into the collective! The addiction hasn’t really sunk in yet!

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