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Jobs involved in the golfing arena?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) January 28th, 2008

My fiance is an amazing golfer, but we don’t have the finances for him to go to qualifying school. He is an aeronautical engineer and is looking to change jobs. What types of things are out there besides the obvious (golf pro, caddy, amateur golfer, etc)? There has to be engineering involved in golf equipment, right?

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He could work with golf course designers. I’m sure there’s use for engineers to determine course inclines, slopes, terrain, drainage… things like that. However, being a caddy isn’t bad at all. My brother met one who works at the Wynn golf course in Las Vegas. He became a full-time caddy because he couldn’t find time otherwise to golf since he got married and had kids. How he gets to enjoy one of the most beautiful courses (one that charges a $500 green fee) as part of his job!

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There are definitely engineering jobs in golf. There is a lot of aerodynamic principles applied in the design of golf balls and clubs. I would recommend checking out the coporate sites for the major club and ball manufactures, like Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, Bridgestone, etc for this type of job.

It also wouldn’t hurt to look at golf job sites like US Golf Jobs

Good Luck!

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