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Getting pretty bad aches/pains all around legs after starting to play in soccer games... Has this happened to you?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) October 2nd, 2009

I recently started to play in soccer games involving serious sprinting, and last week played 3 games during the week. I think I’m paying the price now. I have been a serious runner for over a year now, and have been in good shape my whole life essentially, but am getting some painful aches in random parts of my legs (shin, ankle, feet, hamstring, calf, knee), a dull but hefty, throbbing pain that lasts 1–2 seconds then subsides. I have an appointment with a sports med physician in a week, but I’m worried this is abnormal and am getting depressed I have permanently ruined my lower body, or will never be able to play soccer again. Could it be arthritis? I’m mid-twenties, male. I’ve been icing, taking Aleve, stretching, taking it easy, etc. but did play in a game yesterday. I also had used the same running shoes for 10 months without changing them, and I run 30–35 miles/week. Does anyone have any advice or can share experiences as to why this is happening?

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I’m a doctor and a soccer player ;-) Most likely, your muscles are adapting to the novelty of playing soccer after being primarily a runner. Arthritis at your age is very unlikely. There could be multiple issues, or just the fact that you need to give your body time to learn movements. Even now, when I haven’t played soccer in a while, when I first start, I get sore all over and it can take months of training to feel “normal” again. Point of reference, I just started a new season a few weeks ago, and after the first game, I could barely walk all week. Don’t fret, it will get better with time, but a doctor’s visit should exclude anything serious.

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@shilolo I realize this may be inappropriate to ask, but do you have any thoughts on what sort of treatment a doctor would consider for this range of symptoms? Are there things I can do now before my appointment (i.e., no more soccer, or running, and only the elliptical or bike at the gym) that would be beneficial?

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