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How can I make money from sending a text message?

Asked by agoodbrown (1points) October 4th, 2009

how can I make money from sending a text message?

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That’s about as likely as getting paid to poop.

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The only way I can see making money is if you have information leading to a reward and you text it to the authorities.

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Um, don’t get your hopes up.

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You could text a ransom note, would be pretty stupid though.

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Text ignorant people telling them they have won a million dollars in the cell phone lottery which was determined by a random drawing of all cell phone numbers. Tell them Bill Gates drew their number from a hat and would like to meet with them and award them the money personally. Tell them you would be glad to make all the travel arrangements, but they need to pay for that up front. Tell them since they will be receiving such a big prize that you recommend first class arrangements at a cost of a thousand dollars. Take the money and change your phone number. Or tell them you are a bank official in Africa and would like to identify the text receiver as the next of kin in a perfectly safe fraud…...or, I have more! See ya….Gary/wtf

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are you asking for money in this text?

@Sarcasm I get paid to poop all the time when I’m at work by the way =)

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…Not gonna happen. Sorry.

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You become part of a pyramid scheme and hack into your friend’s phone lists so that marketers can annoy them with stupid text messages selling stuff they don’t need.

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Who reckons there’s going to be a spam response to this question?

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