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Who was the spirit gjoub?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) January 29th, 2008

what spirit gjoub is this and what orgin did it come from?

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A mythical god of love?

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This is StRaNgE. I was surfing the net about the exact same thing and I found your posting.
My name is also Tammy and I see the # 444 always. All ways.

Moreover, re: Gjoub.. this is week two for me. Time will tell ~er, make that three more weeks. I believe in MagicK. I think/feel that is the keY. You need to believe in order for MagicK to manifest. ~Imagination is the order of all things.

**** SPARKLES ****

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You will find some astonishing information in the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

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