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Which ACT score should I send in?

Asked by cbloom8 (1723points) October 5th, 2009

I’ve taken the ACT twice, and both composite scores were 28. However, the individual test scores were very different from each other. Which one of these tests should I send in?

Test 1 2
English 27 29
Math 27 28
Reading 30 24
Science 28 29
Writing 6/12 8/12

Would my first test, with everything about even and lower writing be better, or would the second test, with higher scores in everything except reading be better?

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What major are you indicating?

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@andrew I’m double majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies and Computer Engineering.

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As far as I know you don’t get to pick. I believe the company sends all scores.

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I thought the scores have to come from the testing facility. They don’t accept scores from the individual people, because they could be forged.

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No, I can pick between which one gets sent in. Also, I’m sending them through the ACT, as in having them send in the score.

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With the majors that you have indicated, I think that the 2nd set of scores would be your best bet. Each set is strong, but the 2nd set shows a slightly higher aptitude in the areas that will be most important to your desired major.

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