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Has the bad economy put a dent in your enjoyment of life?

Asked by thanatos (324points) October 5th, 2009

How has the economy effected your feeling about your life?

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Yeah, life is a bit less fun and the future looks a lot more unhappy. I have to work a lot more because of people getting laid off and I’m spending less because I don’t know if I’m getting laid off next or what. It bites.

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More of a nick than a dent, nothing I cn’t get a handle on yet. Like a lot of people, I’m behind with mortgage, I owe taxes, my car is wanting to die and I don’t get to fly out of town as often as I like to visit friends but the situation is temporary, I know this

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Yes, I can’t go to shows. They’re too expensive. :( Though it is temporary, I didn’t realize how much my quality of life is affected greatly becuase I can’t see the live music I want to. The last show I was able to go to was to see Grizzly Bear in August, and I’m fortunate that that show was free.

“As God as my witness, I’ll never go without my concerts again!”

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Yes, in only one way. I’m exposed to so much blather about the economy that it is starting to affect my quality of life. Every time I hear Obama overuse the word ‘crisis’ a little part of me dies.

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It hasn’t had a huge effect on me yet. Money is a little tighter than usual but nothing I can’t deal with for a little while.

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Absolutely. I look forward to being happy one day.

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@Facade Why wait for happiness? The economy will never be perfect. Find happiness in the simple things in life. Money is important but it isn’t everything.

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Nope, the economy has not affected me to the point that I notice it. I have always strived to live within my means and to never spend money I don’t have (ie: credit cards). I had to make minor adjustments in my day-to-day living, but nothing that wasn’t for the better in the end. For instance I started making coffee and breakfast in the morning instead of grabing one from the local coffee shop. Sometimes things happen for our own good, and I think that if people can learn to be more conscience consumers it will help them in the long run.

Now, in saying all of that, I am not one of the people who has lost their job through this so I cannot speak for them. I can only imagine how hard this has all been. I thank my lucky-stars that my career is one that goes untouched in situations such as this. – LB

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No. I never spend more than I need, so there’s always something I can save.

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Not really, I have, like many others, had to pay more attention to my spending and I am trying to be more sensible with the money I get each month but it hasn’t affected me in a major way at all. I don’t tend to socialise much so my money isn’t spent on “wining and dining”. My pleasure comes from buy books, music, dvds etc which I tend to purchase as cheaply as possible on (thank goodness for the “used” section – I don’t need my books to be brand new providing I can read them easily!).

The only time it affects my mental health is if I get an unexpected bill. I can pay the bills each month with enough to survive left over providing they are expected bills and not the “Oh crap the car broke down and now I have to fork out X amount of money or a new something or other” type bills (which did happen to me this month, so much so that I had to fork out for a whole new car. I have no savings left now).

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Positive attitude Lurve @ItalianPrincess, GA

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