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I am registered as "Green Party" in the state of California...does this mean I must vote "Green Party"?

Asked by ava (977points) January 29th, 2008

I would really like to vote Obama…is this a possibility or am I stuck voting Green? If I am stuck…is there anything else I can do or is it just too late?

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Are you referring to the primary election?

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Either, Or. I don’t know any of the rules, and would like to know.

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For primaries, you can only vote the party that you are registered for. For the actual election, you can vote however you want.

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Removed :: That didn’t really answer the question.

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SYZ, is this for all states or just for CA?

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It depends on if your state has a open or closed primary. Open means you can do whatever. Closed means you have to vote for the party you registered as..

Here is a list..

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As johnpowell said, it’s state-by-state.

California’s is in between open and closed (called “modified” closed, or semi-closed)—- ‘decline to state’ voters can vote for candidates of any party.

Here’s a govt website:

and googling led me to this:, which has some more info

For future reference, the deadline to register or change your name, address, party, etc was January 22 —- 15 days before the primary. You might be stuck on this one but you can change it before the next one. So basically you can re-register for a different party (or unaffiliated) up to ~two weeks before voting, and then switch back after if you want to.

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It’s actually even crazier than that. In California, independents (i.e. “decline to state” voters) will be able to vote in the Democratic primary, but not in the Republican primary.

I don’t think Green party affiliates will be able to vote in Republican or Democratic primaries.

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I am also registered as Green. Vote any way you want. Your party choice only limits some of your choices in the primary, I think. In other words, you may not be able to vote for or against a democrat or republican, you may only have green party members to choose from, but you get to vote on all the issues, just like everyone else. I always discuss the issues and the candidates with my husband, who is a Democrat, because he is more current on the news that I can be. We invariably vote the same way, but I don’t intend to change back to Democrat just because of that. I chose the Green party because of the values they stand for and because I was disgusted with the democratic party. I would never vote Republican, ever, and it disgusts me no end that my parents are Republicans.

No offense, I’m sure there must be some nice people out there that happen to be Republican. This is just MHO, of course.

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Your party only counts in the primaries. You can vote for anyone of any party or write a name in.

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