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What is a good Halloween costume to hide my identity and impress my crush but still be appropriate for jr. high school in the morning and the Halloween dance at night?

Asked by Marrina123882 (9points) October 5th, 2009

The boy I like is so HOT and POPULAR he’s in 4 of my classes and a friend of my friend’s boyfriend.The 23rd is the Halloween dance at school i need a costume to hide my identity but impress him enough to make him ask me out for who i am.Please I really like him and need advice.Plus i’m too scared to ask him out myself.He’s a skater dude.

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A Catwoman costume should win his, um, heart.

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An angel would be awesome…. and it is simple and can be sexy too ;)
Good Luck

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Wait. He’s already someone else’s boyfriend? You little man eater!

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You should become HOT and POPULAR yourself so he’ll like you too.

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I don’t know, do you?

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@Les – I believe he is a friend of a friends boyfriend. So no, not someones boyfriend. :)

Marrina + Friend (Mary) + Boyfriend (Mary’s boyfriend) + friend (guy Marrina likes).

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What an adorable endeavor. I hope you find a good costume :).

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@Rachienz – Oooooooh. Now I get it. Man, and I was humming “Maneater” in my head, too.
Nevermind, @Marrina123882. Sorry about my comment. I don’t have any suggestions for you other than just asking him out yourself. Good luck.

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Cinderella with a nice mask always works. Good luck! (:

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But you won’t know how he’s dressed, true? So what if three different guys ask you out? And what if you strike up conversations with two guys in costume, and one of them is a total bore and a dumbass, but he’s Mr. Hot and Popular? And the interesting guy turns out to be a social zero in your school? What then??

Hot and popular boys in high school peak in high school. Get used to that idea.

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Be a banana, PLEASE.

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You can do lots of fun things with dance unitards, like get a brown one, attach leaves all over it and be a tree. Or be Eve in the garden of Eden, or a harlequin.

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