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Is Halo 3: ODST as good as you thought it was gonna be?

Asked by Seth (302points) October 5th, 2009

Or did you not have much hope to start with? I think the storyline is awesome. The firefight mode kicks butt. Your thoughts?

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Haven’t played it yet, is it as good as you thought it was gonna be?

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The storyline was great, firefight is great, and being different characters for firefight is great. The only thing I don’t like is that there isn’t matchmaking for firefight. So unless you have three other friends that are able to play, it isn’t that fun.

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I had the same problem with firefight.

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thats pretty lame about firefight.

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It was great of them for using part of the cast of Firefly for Buck, Mickey and Dutch. The graphics were also improved and Firefight mode was a much welcome edition. What I didnt like was that it was short, you could jump really high, there weren’t that many vehicles, you could still, rip off turrets, and the skulls were permanently stuck on during firefight. However the VISR was pretty cool. Oh and the Firefight matchmaking doesnt work.

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Its better than I thought it would be, but I didn’t have high expectations after Halo 3. (It took a lot of convincing of my friend for me to put down the $60 for it). The campaign was a lot of fun, and firefight is fun with a bunch of friends. It was also a nice bonus to get all the maps for Halo 3 with it.

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If you haven’t bought any of the multiplayer maps you get the most bang for your buck. I liked it, and the story mode was pretty decent. I love the new Magnum. Firefight is fun, and now I can actually enjoy it instead of fretting over my Vidmaster achievement. Oh, and having Recon armor is nice too ;). And I’m the friend that got @justn to buy it.

@Bugabear, I think the reason that only the mongoose was put into the Mombasa Street levels was because having a ‘hog would be pointless, there would be no one to be the gunner. A tank would have been too easy, same with a ghost. I think Bungie wanted you to either walk and be able to defend yourself, or travel fast and be vulnerable.

There is no matchmaking for Firefight, it’s just supposed to be for playing with your buddies (otherwise you get team killers, people who play obnoxious music, or they just suck. And you’re stuck with them for two hours, so better make it private parties only is what Bungie said, I’m guessing). The skulls are on so that each level is progressively harder than the last.

About the turrets- yeah I think you shouldn’t be able to rip them out either. But you are an ODST, the bamfs of the UNSC marines I guess ;).

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No I mean that it’s disappointing that you could fly a banshee but not a Hornet. Though I guess its because most ODST’s aren’t pilots. But what about Mickey? And I never found a mongoos just a ghost some grunt was cruising around in later on in the game. Still it’s a good game. Now I’m waiting for MW2 to come out.

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@Bugabear if you got enough audio files you unlocked weapon caches around the city that had mongooses in them.

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Oh. Thats whats in the weapons caches? I was too lazy to go see what’s in them.

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No – I don’t think it was very good at all – Way too much buildup on the game – It couldn’t stand up to the hype

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