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Have you ever seen a UFO?

Asked by LuhvKiller (536points) October 5th, 2009

How many of you have seen UFO’s, believe in them, or think you have been abducted?

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yeah, on 9/11

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I believe in the possibility of other sentient beings. I also believe in the possibility of UFOs and possibly some conspiracy theories concerning either or, shhh

However I have never seen anything to confirm my beliefs.

I do find Drake’s Equation to be interesting in the affirmative for my beliefs.

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Never seen one, unfortunately.
I do believe there are other sentient beings out there, but I don’t specifically believe in little green men in saucers flying around us.

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Sadly no, but I believe there is some out there somewhere looking at us while we Fluther.

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I just watched an old episode of “The Cosmos” with carl sagan about that today. As he pointed out, there is really no evidence to support they’ve ever been here. He also mentioned Drakes equation and worked it out, but the last couple variables are well very variable. So anywhere between 10 and millions of life bearing planets in our galaxy.

Even if they are out there, the likelihood of them coming about us is slim.

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No, but I wouldn’t completely dismiss the notion of “aliens”

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I’ve seen many! A bird flew by me, I couldn’t find it in my bird book. UFO

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Probe… what probe?!

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Okay, I did. I’m embarrassed to announce it because I know how crazy it sounds. But what I saw, I have no idea what it was. I was in class, giving my eyes a break from the bright projector, looking out the window. I saw a kind of football-shaped thing, light or white colored, fly slowly through the air on a slight descent. It was morning and the sunlight shone off of it. There was no tail, no wings, and I didn’t hear a sound. I watched it for about 15 seconds before it passed out of my field of view. I have thought about it a hundred times and I know what I saw.. I know it wasn’t an airplane. It was really weird, no idea what it was.

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@MissAnthrope Sure it wasn’t a blimp? Not saying that as a skeptic, just what your description sounded like.

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No, it definitely wasn’t. It was too small and it was just the disk thing, which was completely smooth. There was nothing hanging off of it, no tail, nothing to break up the shape. It also moved too fast and was too small to be a blimp.

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@MissAnthrope Thanx for clarifying. :)

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Welcome.. I honestly have gone over it and tried to figure it out. It’s a mystery.

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@MissAnthrope I bet you have! Were you “spooked out” or awed when you saw it?

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I was completely in awe. I mean, for me, if I’m looking right at something, I can see it clearly, and have time to get a good look at it, and it’s still unexplainable, it kind of blows my mind. If it hadn’t been in the middle of class, I would have been like, “Oh my god, you guys, look at that!” I was really hoping someone else would look out the window and see it, but sadly, no one did.

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@MissAnthrope I think I would have disrupted class, but then again i’m that kinda student, lol

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This question so makes me think of the Twilight Zone.
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…

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Yes, I have. Does that mean I believe it was being flown by aliens from outer space? Nah, not necessarily. But could it have been? You bet your butt. :) I haven’t been able to figure out what it was to this day, and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

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There are no aliens, there are no UFOs, it is all in your mind, please, change the subject, or the Mother Ship will come back for me, and they will be totally pissed that I failed my objective of convincing humans that there are no aliens from other worlds coming here to perform oddly sexual procedures on Arkansas hillbillies.

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Back in the Cold War I saw a circle of lights just over the building across the street from us. The “front” light was green, and the others were all red (around 8–10 of them). It was night, so it could be a series of planes flying in formation, but they couldn’t have kept a perfect circle for so long, and besides, they didn’t seem to move. It couldn’t have been one plane either, because the lights would have formed a cross, not a circle. I stupidly thought at the time that it was a helicopter, but of course helicopters aren’t round at all when you think of it. And it was absolutely quiet, even though the lights seemed to be quite close, and not high up in the sky.

The object stood over the building for several minutes, and then flew southeast really fast (disappeared in seconds). There were no commercial planes flying in that direction at the time (they would be crossing an international border if they did). I assumed it was some sort of secret NATO spyplane that was on a special mission. We got a lot of those back then.

It was only as the years passed by and no such plane (circular, fast and completely quiet, that can stand still in mid-air) officially appeared, that I started to think that perhaps it could have been something else. To this day, I have not heard of a working human technology that could explain what I saw.

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Oh another time I was driving from Germany to Denmark when I saw some dancing lights over a field. It was really weird, so I stopped the car and went as close as possible. It looked just like someone shining a laser at the clouds, except there was no source of light nearby, I was in the middle of nowhere. Certainly not an object, but very very weird indeed. I discovered later that this is an unusual phenomenon that can happen in some cases and is responsible for many UFO false alarms. Not sure what causes it, but it’s something to do with temperature differences, vapors and stuff like that. Looks like small clouds chasing each other in circles.

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I’m certain it wasn’t an alien craft tho, probably just some new secret spy plane (“Aurora” or whatever). What I saw was 5 perfectly aligned orange triangles (five lights on one ship, not 5 distinct flying objects) speeding across the sky at incredible speed – VERY low to the ground and completely silent. A friend of mine and I were lying on our backs at the beach, talking, when it happened. We both stopped mid-sentence and said “did you see that?”.

Wiki page on the above referenced Aurora

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If by UFO you mean unidentified by me, then yeah. Hell, it’s too dark to see a craft’s body; for all I know most of what I see in the night’s sky could be be flying squirrels with flashlights.

As for UFO as in intergalactic sentient beings aboard a superadvanced vessel, then I doubt it.

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Yes, many. Every day. Too bad they’re cloaked all the time. Damn Romulan stealth technology!

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@Grisaille lurve for flying squirrels with flashlights.

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yeah. i´m seeing one right now and waving it goodbye. UFO´s are Awesome

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