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Question about Windows 7 Test Mode?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) October 5th, 2009

I am running a legit copy of Windows 7 through Boot Camp obtained through the MSDNAA between Windows and my University (University of Michigan). It is registered with a product key and it says it is activated in my control panel. In the bottom right corner of the desktop it says “Test Mode, Windows 7, Build 7600”. Does anyone know why this is. In the quotes each of the phrases between the comma is on a different line.

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Because it’s the release candidate build that Microsoft released to demo windows 7. It is not the final retail version.

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So what will happen when Windows 7 is actually released. I would assume that my school wouldn’t put out software that will just go obsolete at a certain time

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I’m running an unlegit copy of windows 7, and there are a few programs that don’t go well with it or don’t work at all (Daemon tools and MMO games for example). I’m sure these programs will work at a later time once its released fully.

That just means that they are in the testing phase of the OS. The schools probably won’t switch at all, or if they did, it would be at a much later time.

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The copy I downloaded from the Microsoft corporate servers actually also says “for testing purposes only”. I think it’s a watermark to prevent resale (your school’s MSDN subscription probably has some stipulation stating that the software downloaded through it is not for sale). Build 7600 is the build that we released to manufacturing, so it won’t expire.

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