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Do you plan on spending your tax rebate check (thus stimulating the economy as intended) or will you save your money?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) January 29th, 2008
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Probably going to end up blowing it on stupid stuff. Though I’d really like to save it if possible.

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I will try and spur on the economy with my check. Does that mean buy something I don’t need? Maybe I can find some poor people making some stuff, and I can buy that. Would that it were so easy to fix the economy.

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It goes into the bank like all other windfalls. The bank now has more money to lend; let them stimulate the economy that way if they prefer.

And I have no delusions that this is really intended to stimulate the economy, since it doesn’t stimulate the economy any more if I spend the money than it would if the government spent the money; it’s an attempt at vote-buying by the incumbents in Congress, who desperately want to look like they’re doing something about the problem.

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A combination – half will go into savings, half will be used on purchases that I’ve been planning.

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Can we try and spend it on goods made here or services. I just find it funny to give refunds and then buy stuff from China. Who’s economy would that stimulate?

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Before you all go out and start spending any so called “windfall”, best take a second look at Who and What is going to send you this money. I have never seen this Government or any other give anyone anything without a catch of some kind. On this one, it is TAXABLE INCOME if nothing else, which means by accepting this money, since there isn’t withholding on it, it will push people into a higher tax bracket and you end up paying more taxes then whatever “They” give you. Beware of this “DEAL”!!!

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Pay down debt.

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Like the last time they did this its vacation time in the USA money. We are going to have fun fun fun and you should to because you deserve it!

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Paying off credit cards.

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The war is at blame for the lack of “stimulation” in the economy, not the shortage of middle class Americans spending their entire meager paycheck at the mall. Don’t buy the hot air.

If we want to stimulate the economy, we vote in someone who will get us out of the middle east (and our trillions of tax dollars). And that (non-coincidentally), will be the exact moment America stops having a problem with terrorist aggression.

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After buying some beer and a few freezer pizzas I will pay off my credit card $181 and the rest will go towards student loans.

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Use it to beef up my monthly SSS checks, which have dropped 5% because of the increase in Medicare B and D, and AARP Medigap deductions. This year the gov’t pulled up my 2007 taxes and penalized me because I have been a good girl and saved (investing in a bond fund that produces tax-free income.) If I had bought a Lexus and hot tub, my premiums would have been considerably less. What a country.

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Paying off a Treadmill. I’ll stimulate the economy once I have more money at the end of the month, rather than the reverse.

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I like Ben’s mom’s Idea. If you have to spend, give it to people for whom it will do most good. At Christmas time I bought gifts from mostly trunk shows, art fairs, and friends who make things (jewelry, handmade soaps etc.) One, I’m not giving money to large corporations who don’t need it. And two, I know none of these folks charge any sales tax (it’s just “on the side”) so the government doesn’t get any of the money back. This is how I will spend this bribe as well.

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I’m going to hand it out five bucks at a time to panhandlers. These are people who are trying to keep their heads above water.
Why should I get a “gift”? This gift (see previous answers)
is no gift anyway; it’s a bribe. I’m motivated to undo some of the cruelty that we as a community perpetrate every day with not a breath of help from our “leaders”. Somebody’s gotta help the sufferers; might as well be me.

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I’m going to put mine in a high interest bearing account so that when my generation is expected to pay all this money back plus interest, I will have the funds to do it with. This isn’t a bribe from the government, it’s a gift from my generation (who will actually have to one day pay for this gimmick) to the baby-boomers. I hope you cronies enjoy your present because by the time the bonds issued to finance this fiasco mature it’s likely to cost us double.

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