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My computer won't recognize my iPod. What's wrong with it?

Asked by mangeons (12288points) October 5th, 2009

Whenever I plug my iPod in, my computer isn’t even recognizing that something is plugged in. That means I can’t charge my iPod, can’t add new songs, can’t sync it, or anything. It’s not even showing that it’s connecting. What could be wrong with it?

By the way, I have a PC, if that matters.

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Try someone else’s iPod cord. If that fixes it, you know it’s the cord, if not, you know it’s either your computer or your iPod. So then I’d try a different computer, and if that doesn’t work either, reset your iPod.

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that happens with my mp3..

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Have you tried rebooting your computer? Sometimes something zigs when it should zag and a reboot will do the trick in setting things right again.

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Does it work otherwise if you don’t have it plugged in to the PC? Try to reset it, not sure which generation you have but it is usually the home button and the play button at the same time…
Your next step is to troubleshoot and try it on another computer, just to see if another one recognizes. If yes, the prob is with some communication issue with your computer. If no, the problem is with the ipod!

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I’ve got your solution right here. You’re not the first person that’s happened to. There are some other tips there, but mine was basically: hold down the middle and menu buttons at the same time, while plugged into the computer, and keep holding them both down until the black screen with the silver apple appears.

If it’s a problem with the iPod, that should fix it. If it’s your computer, you’ll need to re-install iTunes.

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One more possibility: use device manager in Windows to see if the iPod has installed badly. If so, uninstall it, plug in the device again, and ask device manager to scan for hardware changes. You may have a USB problem.

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I already have tried rebooting the computer, several times. We only have one cord, as well.

I will try the center and menu button together, I thought that was for only unfreezing iPods, it was working off the computer, but at the moment it’s dead. Thanks for all the tips everyone, I’ll try them out right away!

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@mangeons: Yeah, mine worked fine when it wasn’t connected to the iPod too, but resetting it fixed the problem.

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May i suggest to you change another USB cable or another PC to have a try
if there is nothing with the cable and PC, i am afraid that you need to return the iPod to the seller to repair

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