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Where would one purchase a kimono?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) January 29th, 2008

i’m not so much interested in an authentic/traditional kimono. i would like to find some sort of robe-like item with similar styling and fabric.

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Here’s a site that has kimonos for sale:

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Where do you live? I live in San Francisco and think I saw exactly what you are looking for at the Body Time store on Haight street. Beautiful cotton robes, in a Kimono-style, but not exactly kimono patterns. Body Time is mostly a lotion and bath-products store…in the shops they sell robes too, but I don’t think you can order the robes online. You could call them and see if they would ship one to you if you don’t live in the Bay Area.

Also, in San Francisco you can go to the Japantown center, near the Kabuki theater, close to Fillmore and Webster and they have lots of kimonos or kimono-like robes for sale. I have also seen some similar style/fabric robes at Anthropologie, but they were pretty pricey.

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If you live in New York City or nearby then Peal River Mart on Broadway in Soho a few blocks south of Prince has whatever you might need. They have everything associated with Asia in any way.

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Disney’s Worlds Epcot Center-Japan

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I’ve been looking for a washable kimono-style robe forever. I actually (randomly) just bought a cotton one at a Indian store near me in LA.

Yukatas are the summer version of kimonos, and usually made out of cotton. Here are some resources for yukatas and kimonos that I was looking at:

Also, Pearl River Mart has a website if you’re not in New York. See their robes/kimonos here:

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michico yoshkmi . She’s the best !

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