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Why won't my iPod charge?

Asked by Bigfish (110points) December 19th, 2006
When I plug my ipod into the charger nothing happens. It doesn't register on my computer and the iPod screen doesn't turn on. There is a very faint image of the diagnostic screen, but nothing happens when I move the dial.
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First suggestion: try a hard reset... (Press and hold middle button and play for 10 seconds) If that doesn't help, it may be a hardware problem. If the iPod is within warranty (1 year, I think), Apple will fix it. Otherwise, it's only really worth 10% off a new one (also from Apple).
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If you are in the diagnostic mode the best bet would be to hold down the MENU and center button for six to ten seconds.
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Also, what model iPod do you have? Is this a new charger? Do you have the ability to connect the iPod to another computer to see if it is your cable or charger?
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Same thing happened to my iPod, but I still can use it when hooked up to power. Like Ben said, hardware problem.
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There are three hidden iPod commands (Hard Reset, Diagnostic Mode, and Disk Mode) -- they vary depending on your iPod model. You probably need to do what themacallan suggests, but you can see the commands for other iPod models here:
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Thanks guys - Hard reset did the trick. I didn't know it existed.
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My iPod is having a problem. It’s 4th Generation and I checked my friends (Same Gen) and his charges and connects but mine just says “USB Not Recognized” what any of you know what to do?

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I plugged my ipod in a few days ago because I was charging it for a trip I was going on. at the time it was at half a battery or a little bit more then that. I left it in the iHome all night computerwhile I slept. when I took it out the next morning, the battery had gone down to red. Today I’ve tried plugging it into my computer and my ihome. it recognizes that its plugged in in both places. but the battery symbol keeps flashing from dead to full, not like it does when it usally charges. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I’ve restarted it 5 or so times already….

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hi can any one tell me why my 5 gen will charge on my computer but not on the dock or mains pleas help

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i have a question why does my IPOD touch say this accessory is not supported with this charger.and why is that???

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I’m having the same problem. My iPod won’t charge… I’ve had mine since May, and it’s been working fine until the last week or so. It keeps saying “Accessory not supported with charger”, “charging not supported”, “iPod has been identified by connection denied” ETC. It’s really annoying. It won’t charge on my laptop or home computer… I don’t know what to do. It will start charging, then a second later it will stop. It keeps doing that over and over again. Charge, no charge, charge, no charge. Due to this, random windows keep popping up on my laptop and I don’t know what to do. My sister and I got the recent update to our iPods (iOS5) and the recent update to iTunes, and both of us are suffering from this problem. But of course, my case is worse. ANY HELP, BECAUSE I AM AT A LOSS OF WHAT TO DO…?! XP

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I’ve had this problem, use a different USB Plug in. Its worked for many people.
If your aren’t using AppleĀ© Plug In Wall Charger it might not reconize your device.
I use a SamsungĀ© USB Plug In, works fine. Did that help?

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