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Can anyone direct me to some legitimate info on the aftermath of earlobe stretching?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) October 6th, 2009

i can find plenty on actually doing it, but i want to know about what happens when you are done with them.

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aftermath is such an intense word, are you putting tactical nukes in your ears?

what do you mean by “done with them”? As in when you’re done gauging? and you want them to shrink back to normal?

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Do you mean putting in the disc? Like earings, but not really; they make a large hole in your earlobe? When you done, are you asking if the hole will close up? No it won’t. Even if you have just a regular pin hole for regular earing the hole will not close once you have had it for about six months, and if you want it to close, I would try to remove the earing in the first couple of weeks actually. I have a second hole I don’t use, maybe I stick an earing in there every 6 or 7 years to show someone I have it, or just to see, and it is always open and ready for an earing.

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i am interested in gauging but i want to know if afterwards is there anyway to go back to normal?

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@jaketheripper: From “personal” experience watching friends, the lobe never goes back to normal after stretching it. Even if you don’t do a huge guage, and the hole does close up (it can, unlike what JLeslie has said; not everyone’s ears are the same) it won’t close all the way and/or it’ll look pretty wonky.

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I found this on a body art site
It sounds like it might shrink down somewhat later but unpredictable and can require plastic surgery to close

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@jaketheripper If there is it would involve a plastic surgeon, and still you would have some sort of scar or be slighlty deformed or not the same as your original earlobe.

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Here is an interesting thread of personal experiences

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The aftermath depends on what size you go to. Personally I don’t gauge my ears because your ear lobe won’t look the same, but it depends like I said. My brother went to only a 2g which isn’t too big; just enough so you could notice. He took the gauges out because his right ear tore and they both healed up and closed. You can tell it’s not normal, but his ear looks fine. I know someone who I think is close to 3” and he is so screwed. You’ll need plastic surgery to fix it, and even afterwards the ear will look, displaced.

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