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Super heroes in tights and pants...why?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) October 6th, 2009

who started the super heroes and their unusual choice of lower garments and why?

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It is more aerodynamic than sweats or loose clothes.
(looser pants might blow off while flying ;) )

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So you can see their MUSCLES!!! Or bosums, as the case may be.

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the evil liberals trying to make white american children gay.

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So..THAT is why the Hulk is so grouchy! ouch!

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Because, once upon a time, tights, speedoes and other such garments were not considered unsightly.

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Methinks Superman was first of the Tights Titans.
Evil just slides off.

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its seems odd that anyone would ware pants (underwear) on the outside for any reason

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hang on why do ordinary people even wear tights? I’m female and have never yet found a a proper reason to wear them

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@majorrich – “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” LOL
@noodle_poodle they do add warmth in the winter. (tights, then longjohns, then jeans)

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Homoerotic fantasies on the part of the original artists in the 1930s which then became part of the meme.

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Actually- don’t most of the superheroes wear their outfit under their clothes? If so wearing anything but tights would be noticeable.

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for the same reason football players and wrestlers wear tights, so chicks can check out your junk.

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Because superhero’s are different and god-like in a young child’s eyes (and for those adults! :D) You don’t want a superhero to look like Joe Smith down the road, you want him to look different and fantastic! and I can tell ya that unless Joe Smith is mildly “touched in the head” he won’t be sporting those sexy tights the likes of Batman and Superman are sporting! And I can’t deny it looks incredible! The capes, the utility belts, the gadgets and gismos, the strenth, flying, super strength and amazing powers: it all just looks better in those yummy tights! – LB

Note: Batman is my all time fav!

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@LKidKyle1985 couldn’t have explained it better myself!

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@Grisaille thank God I was not alive during the times to which your refer.

My first thought was of this scene from The Incredibles. I think the reasoning behind the no cape rule would apply just as much to baggy clothes. Or what @LKidKyle1985 said.

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As @lkidkyle says

For the same reason football players and wrestlers wear them

But I think for that reason is so the enemy can’t grab you by the pants leg and yank thereby embarrassing you as you stand there with your pants around your ankles.

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I dunno know but uh… ah hem, there sure is something about Batman!!

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because a super hero showing a little bit of camel tail is all the more terrifying to the baddies…

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So their pants don’t get stuck in anything they fly by or climb up on ;) Loose clothing is a bad idea when fighting evil.

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in superman’s case, probably to distract everyone from his ridiculous excuse for a disguise…

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::sigh:: NO CAPES! You’re just asking for it, then.

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How would you know they are super heroes if you can’t see their super muscles? After all, as soon as Superman put on his glasses and suit pants, no one ever recognized him as anyone but Clark Kent.

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Tights? I thought they were made of unstable molecules.

I’m an armor & tunic man, myself.

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Cuz they’re so comfy.

Up, up and awaaaaay!

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rofl @aprilsimnel yeh i think your on to something there .,...also perhaps to detract from the fact that he is wearing knee high leather boots….it breaks up the colours

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