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I need some new headphones with a budget of £60. Any suggestions?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) October 6th, 2009

I lost my iPhone earphones and I have some sennheiser cx300 but the cable is far too short and they aren’t particularly very good anyway.

I mainly listen to Drum n Bass and Dubstep on my iPhone but I also listen to a lot of Alternative and Rock.

I just need some decent earphones (preferably in-ear) for around £60 but I could maybe stretch.

Please let me in on your thoughts!

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I’d highly recomment the brand Skull-Candy, thay are fantastic headphones in an array of colors, styles and price :D I have an iPhone and the headphones are “okay” but my skull-candy ones are fantastic! – LB

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SKULL CANDY all the way, I have the Ear Buds (pink for breast cancer)! They are windproof so a baby crying in the airplane seat next to me = not phased. There is also a 2nd volume controller which is convenient for snowboarding. enjoy!

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Well, hard for me to say if this is within your budget, because I know that £60 is probably pretty close to $100 US, which is around the price I paid for my wife’s headphones about 3 years ago, but having said that, I have no idea if they are sold in your country, or if they are, if they would cost more or less there than they do in the States. Anyway, I got my wife a pair of Etymotics ER-6 after seeing several reviews stating that they were hands down the best quality with the richest, fullest sound at pretty much any price anywhere approaching that price, and I have to say that customer service has been fantastic so far when I’ve needed to use it, and my wife says she’s never had a pair that were more comfortable or which sounded better.

I’ll update this, I just checked Amazon UK, it says they are £71.05. I think it’s worth the stretch, read some reviews on line.

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Koss is the brand I have. They have very good sound quality and don’t break easily. I don’t know if they have many colors. I have black and the match my black iPhone.

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Skullcandy Ti’s. I’ve had them for two years and loved them.

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I purchased Sennheiser HD 485 headphones (refurbished) about 3 years back and have nothing but good to say about them. Here are the reasons why I picked them, so you can decide if they suit your needs (or not):

—Around $60 to $90
—Removable/replaceable cord (this was the reason why many of my other headphones “died”; also, the cord is super long)
—Excellent bass and also excellent soundstage: symphonies sound like you’re in a concert hall, rock music sounds like an excellent recording
—Around-ear construction (see picture)
Excellent reviews from many satisifed owners

Now that I’ve had them for a while, I have these things to add:

—The cord has yet to die on me, but when it does, I can purchase a replacement for less than $4.
—Incredible sound
—Super comfortable: like wearing a “cloud”
—Very durable

My 2 cents, anyway.

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Sennheiser is really good, I’ve been looking for some time and the PX 100s and the HD 212s both look good.

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I’ve got a pair of Sennheiser headphones as well, HD-201’s to be precise. Though they wouldn’t do to well for an iPhone as they’re circumaural with a very long cord. I’ve bought several headphones over the years and I’d have to say that my Sennheiser headphones are the most comfortable and best sounding I’ve owned. I can’t say much for Skull Candy as I haven’t tried any of theirs yet.

I will say that my mom’s boyfriend had me try on some of his studio monitors from his studio that he bought in the 80’s and they were amazing. They were something like $250 then. When I get enough money I may finally splurge on some good headphones, but by the time I can buy them I probably won’t have to worry about noise complaints so I’d be better off buying a full stereo.

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my dad just bought a pair from for $30.00.they’re real good quality.but the only thing is they’re not the kind you stick in your ear.but they do really kick out the bass.if you would want to buy them the following is required,
-you have to have internet access
-you need to be at least 18 years of age
-you have to get an account there
-and you must allow 3–7 days(usally) for delivery
i think if you bought them,even for the fact that you would rather earbuds,you would probably enjoy them more.

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