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Does carrot cake need to be refrigerated?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) October 6th, 2009

I will be making a carrot cake (from a box) tonight, with cream cheese frosting (from a can – so sue me). ;-)
It’s for my daughter’s birthday, which is tomorrow. Can I leave it out (in a Tupperware cake protector), or does it need to live in the fridge ‘til tomorrow?

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cream cheese frosting=refrigeration I believe ;-)

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You can leave it out overnight, but not longer. If you refrigerate it you will have to allow it to return to room temperature in order for it to be palatable.

More than overnight, the cream cheese will spoil.

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Yeah as pato7590 said the frosting will need to set, so leave it in the fridge overnight and then take it out and put it in the tupperware cake protector in the morning to return to room temperature.

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yeah anything with cream cheese should be

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I must court danger with some frequency.

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If it’s canned cream cheese frosting it might be ok. It sat out fine on the shelf in any case! But if I were you I’d refrigerate it just because I get paranoid about dairy products. :)

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I would refrigerate it, but give it ample time to settle before serving it. I like the cream cheese filling to not be too cold when I eat it, because it can harden.

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Mmmm, carrot cake! Can I has some?

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@augustian .....please tell us the list of ‘chemicals’ in the ‘canned’ cream cheese frosting…... I’m betting this commercial puddle of cream cheese wouldn’t nurture ANY bacterial growth at room temperature…..

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@augustlan Nope. The box cake & canned frosting have enough preservatives in them for you to leave that cake out for two-three days w/out harm ;)

Now, if it were homemade, that would be another story I just took a key lime cheesecake out of the oven…when it cools it’s going in the fridge

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I’m starting to feel less reckless.

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I agree with @SpatzieLover . I would put a cake with homemade cream cheese frosting in the fridge but the carrot cake with canned frosting should be fine on the counter overnight, if not longer. Homemade cake with homemade butter or cream cheese frosting I would leave out for a few hours but refrigerate if it were being held longer.

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@pdworkin I left cream cheese on the counter for a couple of days once, thinking it was like butter, and then I ate some, immediately barfed it up, and learned a valuable lesson. Refrigerators are your friend.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Cream cheese frosting in a can is only flavored and the preservatives make it so you can leave a can out & open for about a month or so
Don’t ask me how I know ;0)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra LOL!! Ewwww… oh sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. I get mental images in my head when I read stories.

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@Rachienz don’t worry, I think it is funny now, too. Back then, not so much.

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After reading the ingredients list on the side of a can of such frosting, I always begin to wonder if it can glow in the dark.

It is so easy to make frosting at home I have always wondered why folks see a need to buy it in a can.

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me + cream cheese dip left out for 5 hours = worst Christmas Eve ever!

I spent the entire night on the toilet. both ends :(

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Why not bake the cake and just frost it tomorrow. That way there is no refrigeration needed.

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Personally, I love cold carrot cake with cold frosting, so as far as I am concerned you can go ahead and refrigerate it all you want.

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@Darwin Cooking and I… we just don’t get along. :(

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@jonsblond were any fish or alcoholic beverages involved in that hurling mixture?

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Since it’s now after 1 AM here, I think I’ll just be doing the whole thing tomorrow. Time got away from me!

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@SpatzieLover No fish and only a couple of beers. I was DD that evening.

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This turned out to be quite a thread. Who’da thunk it?

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The mental images fortunately reminded me that I should go purchase more ingredients to redo my frosting that I left out on the counter by accident. I know I shouldn´t eat cream cheese frosting left out of the fridge, but it is tempting to do so when it´s already been done….

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No, but you should put the cake in the frizzer.

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It’s not dangerous to leave out, but it is always advisable to put cream cheese based anything in the refrigerator. While it doesn’t turn to poison if left out, it has a good chance of getting moldy.

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Mmm. Carrot cake. Where’s my invite?

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You should put it in the fridge

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I bought a carrot cake from the honey baked ham store on Easter and we only ate one piece out of it and been sitting on my stove do you think it’s bad now?

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@tammy1976 I wouldn’t eat it. And welcome to Fluther!

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@tammy1976 Does it have cream cheese frosting on it? If it does, I probably wouldn’t eat it. On the other hand, if you taste a smidgin and it tastes ok, it probably is.

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