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How to ask a girl out?

Asked by steelerspilot (180points) October 6th, 2009 from iPhone

Help? This sounds desperate, but I need tips and maybe a story or two. I truely need help. Thanks

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“Wanna go out?”

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It would be helpful to know your age. (roughly)

Girls at different ages respond differently.

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Well Ivan what is your age? I got to know first

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I am a teenager

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To waitress: Do you take orders to go?

Waitress: Yes

To: Waitress: OK get your coat and let’s go.

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Lol well a girl from my school. Not Cheesecake Factory or California Pizza Kitchen, or any sit down place

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@steelerspilot Welcome to fluther. Lurve.

Don’t call it a date. Just invite her to go somewhere.
Hey, I’m going to (this movie, that party) on Saturday. You want to come with?

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I’m shy too. But it’s easy.

“Are you doing anything Friday night? Yes? How about Saturday? No? Would you like to go to [name of movie] with me?”

Or “Wanna get a burger after school?”

She might say no. But she can’t say yes unless you ask her. Just don’t make a big deal about it.

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It is hard for me, but thanks. I will try this stuff tomorrow. Juar keep commenting and helping. God Bless

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Welcome to Fluther!

Keep it light and casual- like it just crossed your mind to ask her and that it is no big deal either way.

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From a girl’s perspective…

Just ask. Start a conversation, and if you already know of a common interest ask her to do something based on that. I remember this guy in high school who was my zoology lab partner. While we were dissecting a cat, we got to talking about hiking and fishing. Later that week he asked me to go canoeing. Another guy I knew, asked me if I wanted to go out after school so we could visit the courtroom where his mom was currently working with the prosecutor on a murder case. We’d been talking about it earlier in class. It helps if you have a plan and know that what you are asking, the girl likes to do. I did have “normal” dinner and a movie dates, but those just aren’t as interesting.

As long as you don’t come across as creepy and stalkerish, you have a good chance. And take it from me, there’s nothing more attractive in a guy than self-confidence.

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Lol. I mean, people at my school think this is so important. It isn’t but I would like to have a gf. I mean today, a girl asked this guy out that two other girls also liked. The boy said yes. The other girls were crying. I told them don’t worry, it won’t last long and by the end of the day that boy and girl hated eachother.

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Do you have any classes together? I have used the “Wanna study for the test together?” line a few times. Get her alone in the library and drop a hint about how you want to see a movie that is out. She might say, “I want to see that too.”

Boom. There is your chance.

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Yeah in most of the same classes. I am in a few other classes. She and I have a lot in common, but then we have things that are not in common.

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aye guh get yo fione self ova hea

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U know what. What ever u say I really don’t care. MrGeneVan, u better know I am talking to u

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Compliment her in a way that will make her feel good about herself and then ask her if she would like to go out sometime. Courtesy is key.

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I’d like to know, if you are in high school what kind of idiots cry over that? Sorry, just had to ask.

Make small talk with her, ask her about music. That can get you started in a good conversation if you’re both intersted in the same kind.

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I don’t know there are many babies here. It is stupid. I haven’t cried since I cut my hand open with a knife 5 years ago.

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Girls hate it when a guy asks, “What are you doing Friday night?” because the reason could be anything from being asked out, to being asked to cover a babysitting job so the boy could take someone else out, to being asked to volunteer for something.

@Tink1113‘s on the right track. Start talking about music, or movies, or something general, then ask her if she’d be interested in doing something with you some time. Then say, what about next weekend, and set the date from there. If there’s a dance or something at school that you’d like to go to, like homecoming, go ahead and ask her, and then work backwards from there on spending more time together.

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stalk her and play Marvin Gaye on your ipod speakers, when she confronts you, pretend she’s a lunatic and spread rumors about her promiscuity to the varsity football team…

I’m tellin ya, works like a charm.

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@steelerspilot I would be yourself also. Don’t be anyone fake. To me you kinda seem like your trying to be a tough guy on this thread. And it’s not really working for you.

Why do you need a girlfriend? Do you wan to kiss her? Be with her? What is your motivation?

Just try being her friend first, like others have said here. Ask her to do soemthing that’s not a typical date. It will help you stand out. And please please please do not ask her out over text. Don’t communicate like that with someone you might care about.

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Make a due date don’t ask tell her for example say let’s hang out this weekend maybe see a movie or goto the mall. Women hate men to beat around the bush they want confidence no second guessers good luck

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