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What are you angry about besides stupid bitchy stuff?

Asked by astrakan (89points) October 6th, 2009

I’m sick of hearing about people’s stupid petty gripes about someone stepped on my toe at the supermarket or my neighbor’s SUV is big and ugly or my boss is a jerk because he won’t give me a raise or Apple sucks because the new iPhone is too expensive.

Are you angry about any Big Picture stuff that matters? The kind of stuff that people were pissed about in the 60s that led to long-lasting political and social changes? Or is that just lame and old-fashioned?

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I’m angry that my husband is denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

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I for one, am angry at all the people who are stupid enough to believe in evolution. Life is WAY too complex to believe that it was “spontaneously generated”.

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I am sick of how the USA wants to have a freaking Canadian style health care plan. Stupid!!!!!! Congress and other leaders know it is bad. I like Obama, but some of his ideas are crazy. I have health insurance. I know not everybody does. It is a problem. Maybe Obama needs to start a cheap health care firm. ObamaCare or ChangeCare. lol

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I am angry that there are people who don’t believe in evolution. Sorry, had to.
And I am angry that those who do believe evolution are referred to as “stupid”.

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@Les But it’s just ridiculous!

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It is ridiculious.

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@Seth- Uh, not really. I’m not going to argue about this here, I don’t want to hijack the thread. You want to start an argument about evolution, make a new thread. Just please don’t call us stupid.

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I’m pretty upset about everything that is good for you being so damn expensive.

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My daughter’s school held their own presidential election last November. A girl in her class recently asked my daughter who she voted for (they were discussing presidents in class).

When my daughter said, “Obama”, the other girl responded, “Why would you do that? He’s black.”

They’re in first grade.

That makes me angry, because no six-year-old came up with that on their own.

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It makes me angry that people are surprised when I say I joined the Black Student Union. I’m white.

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@KatawaGrey How dare you try to take what’s ours!~

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@Facade: I’m not sure if that comment was intended to amuse or not…

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Actually, I am quite happy that my family has health insurance provided by the government. I definitely couldn’t afford my husband if we didn’t. However, I am angry that my brother cannot get health insurance for himself and his family.

And like @Les, I am angry that there are people who don’t believe in evolution, but even angrier that they try to foist their ideas off on the kids in public school.

I am also angry that we still decide who to vote for based on their skin color or what church they go to.

I am angry that we don’t yet have a cure for Parkinson’s Disease as I have to watch my mother disappear inside her Parkinson’s Dementia.

I am angry that we have only one child psychiatrist in our town, so my son has to see general psychiatrists who sometimes have no earthly idea what they are talking about in regards to children with mental illness.

I am also angry that the public school system has so many teachers and principals who believe that children cannot suffer from mental illness, or that they would just “get over it” if parents didn’t coddle them so much. Yeah, well how many “coddled” 7 yo kids try to commit suicide because the voices told them to?

And there are a lot of other things I am angry about, but I don’t want to write a book tonight.

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I’m angry that in order to receieve any kind of help from the government you basically have to be an unemployed or very low income, single mother. They can get food stamps and no cost health insurance. What about the rest if us middle class, hard working people? I can’t afford to have health insurance but because I’m not a single mother I get shit on. Maybe that’s why all these young women go out and get knocked up…It’s easy living from there on out. They just live off the system. Must be nice.

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I get angry at people who think the system is only against them, and not against everyone.

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@KatawaGrey It was… I didn’t use the ~ thing correctly? or were you just not amused at all. If it’s the latter, I apologize

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I get angry at people who feel and act like they are persecuted when they really aren’t.
I get angry at people who are easily offended. Lighten the hell up, please, not everything’s meant to be an attack on you.
I get angry at the people who walk around complaining about their bosses or their jobs when I’ve been unemployed for the last nine months.

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I am angry because meat comes from animals.

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@Facade: Oh, good. I thought so, but I couldn’t be sure. you don’t seem like the kind who would be angry at that. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t like that I joined. I feel especially guilty because I orioginall joined because the guy I had a crush on asked me to come.

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@steelerspilot A Canadian that’s quite happy with our Health Care System. No complaints here, man.

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I get angry at people who claim the moral highground because they don’t eat meat or they don’t have premarital sex or because they go to church every week.

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@KatawaGrey – I was the secretary for the United Puerto Rican Students Organization, and I am not Puerto Rican, and in fact, have never even been there. I would have joined the Black Student Union, but they didn’t have such terrific parties. One of the Bacardi heirs was in the UPRSO and supplied plenty of rum.

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@cprevite I agree. Another example would be my daughter (5 years old) playing with another girl in the waiting area for an eye exam. A boy their age came in and wanted to play with them. This girl told the boy that “girls don’t play with boys”. The poor boy looked so upset. It made me so angry!

My daughter told this girl that she plays with boys and went to play with him instead.

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@Facade: Right on!

@Darwin: Our BSU throws the best parties and is also full of the some of the coolest people I have ever met. strangely enough, the actual club members don’t care what i look like.

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Homophobes chap my ass.

Also, the fact that I have to keep my sexuality all hush-hush at work. It’s sucks having to put on a front and pretend that I’m straight.

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@holden I agree. My fiance’s sister is big on church and she talks to me as though I’m a mere peasant compared to her. It’s pretty ridculous. But what angers me most is that I haven’t yet worked up the confidence to tell her to get off her high horse. Someday…

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@KatawaGrey – The members of the UPRSO didn’t care about anything except that I was the only one who had something to write with. And many of them were very cool people, too.

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I get upset when people have plenty of money for gambling, drugs, alcohol and cigs but not enough to feed the kids and feed or desex the dogs.

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I am angry that my 20 year-old nephew is heading to Afghanistan in a couple of months and no one has any idea how long he will be deployed.

I’m angry that some of the most important people in our society (i.e. teachers) are some of the most undervalued and underpaid.

I’m angry that anyone would call people who are familiar with and accept the scientifically based theory of evolution stupid.

I am angry with the partisan politicians who want to derail any health care plan just so they can hurt Obama politically.

I am angry with Rupert Murdoch for giving racist, homophobic, ignorant commentators such as Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, a soapbox to stand on.

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@SuperMouse I’m guessing I shouldn’t invite you to my Anti-Evolution League fundraising fair?
kidding. This science major is also bitter at anti-evolutionists.

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@jonsblond: Good for your daughter. That whole deliniation of toys, clothes, colors, jobs, etc. By gender drives me bonkers.

So many kids seem to come to school with that baggage built in from home.

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@holden if chicken is on the menu and there is cheesecake for dessert, I’m there.

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@SuperMouse: Because chicken is a less evolved animal than human.

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@KatawaGrey yes, and tastier too. Or so I’ve heard.

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I’m pissed that it costs so much to get a college education. 10K a year for a degree that I need to get a decent job anyway. I’m not even 22 and I’m in debt and I imagine I’ll be paying the loans off for quite a while. I feel like our system is setting me up to fail… or at least not helping me as much as it could.

And here I go about the effects the budget cuts have had on the college system.
1) Classes are larger. Much larger. One of my classes DOUBLED in size. The professor was “strongly encouraged” by the department to accept all students on the wait list. What’s this mean? It means there are students who have to sit on the floor because there are no seats for them. At 10K a year, I expect a fucking chair.
2) Professors are also “strongly encouraged” to pass more expenses on to the students. Including readers and hand outs. My professors have posted the class readings online. We have to print out all of the readings. Figure about 15–20 pages per reading (sometimes more, rarely less), multiply that by 25–30 readings per class, now multiply that by 4 classes. Ink and paper is expensive, mmkay?
3) So, we have to print more, but get this… the amount of free pages that we get to print from the library is cut in half from 60 to 30. Seriously?
4) Mandatory furlough days. Some (80%) of professors want to be able to take those days on class days. We’re on quarter systems. Most of our classes only meet twice a week. That’s about 18–20 class meetings all quarter – and they want to take days off. With 10 mandatory furlough days that they can use whenever, will I ever have class? (To be fair, none of my professors have missed a class yet.)

Basically, I want the professor to teach me, I want to have a chair to sit in, and I’d like to not go broke getting an education.


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I get bitchy about people at the store who are on their cell phones and too busy talking to just get through the line. Is their phone conversation that important? I waited 5 minutes yesterday at Kroger while some lady argued with her boyfriend on the phone instead of just swiping her card. I was about to take it from her and swipe it for her, but she was much bigger than me.

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the fact that no one is here next to me.

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@eponymoushipster I’m right above you. As close as anyone can be.

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@chyna well, in the electronic sense, yes. thank you. in the physical sense, not so much. :)

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@epony, I’m not there now, but, in a few months we’ll be having a few lagers together.

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@eponymoushipster I’m angry about that too.

That people have to put up with shitty, stressful jobs or face homelessness.
That I have to settle for a weekend visit every few months with my man.
That people take advantage of others
That people project their malfunctions upon others and expect them to carry their ass.

I could go on…

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I’m angry that my ex-boyfriend has had to live his emotionally and sometimes physically abusive mother his whole life. I’m angry that damn woman doesn’t have all of her children taken away and put in better homes. I’m angry that my ex’s father didn’t get custody because he’s not a citizen and he’s not a woman. I’m angry that people like that aren’t castrated and forced to live and die alone.

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I’m angry about…hmmm, Hell, I’m not angry about anything. I’m pretty fucking happy, to tell the truth. The things I can’t change I don’t worry about and the things I can change, well, I am working on them.

As for people that don’t believe in evolution, or the people that believe in Middle Eastern-based gods, well, that’s okay by me. Believe whatever makes you happy. No one should be able to tell you what you believe is wrong; beliefs are personal. If someone denigrates your beliefs, tell em to go fuck themselves.

I believe in a 300 foot tall Black woman named Evelyn that sort of looks like @Facade. Well, except @Facade doesn’t have six breasts (as near as I can tell from her avatar) and I kind of doubt she is 300 foot tall. }:^)

some people are probably pretty goddamned annoyed by my absurd belief in Evelynism, and to them all can say is, “ah-hahahahahahahhahha!”

Yup, I’m pretty damned happy and I really have nothing to bitch about. Thanks to the meds I’m on, life is good.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I’m just annoyed that you called your belief absurd. :)

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I’m angry that even the most progressive of religions today can’t accept homosexuality; that the concept of it is so abstract and out there that it is too much for many otherwise decent people. I’m angry that there are plenty of people out there who still believe that it’s a choice and that homosexuals should not be treated the same as everyone else. I say “angry”, but it’s more just “displeased”. Of course I’m happy that it’s much better than it was in the past, but it could still be a lot better. Though I will admit that when I come across some pretty vehement anti-homosexual sentiment, it does make me quite angry. I can get pretty passionate about such things.

I am also angry that people still strongly judge people based on how much money they have.

I am always angry at hypocrisy in general. It’s one of the worst things there is and it shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Furthermore, there is a lot “bitchy” stuff out there, but that doesn’t mean people don’t care about bigger issues. In day to day life, bigger issues are not as easily accessible to deal with whereas smaller issues are and they are more frequent, which would explain why people like to talk about them so much.

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@jonsblond, in my world absurd is a positive thing.

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@DominicX there is no religion more progressive than Evelynism. Those OId World religions are so ‘yesterday.’

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I should have known better! It’s late and tomorrow is a busy night.

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Im angry in general but I’m really angry that when I cry I have no one to hold me and tell me it will all be alright. <——————- Hope thats not considered petty.

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I know it’s a touchy subject, but I’m angry that more isn’t being done about global warming, especially because of the Polar Bears (and similar situations).

And the general disregard for threatened and endangered species, as well as threatened and endangered World Heritage sites also makes me furious.

I’m angry that there are so many people who give their pets up for adoption for stupid reasons—the kitten grew up, the dog sheds and it doesn’t match the ouch, the puppy chews on things, etc. I wish there was a manual, so I could say RTFM!!! (Wouldn’t that be a useful handout for people interested in adopting a pet?)

Like @SuperMouse, it makes me angry that teachers get paid next to nothing, but perform a key role in forming the “leaders of tomorrow”. Similarly, it makes me very mad that liberal arts students, on average, make much less in their jobs than engineering/physics students. (I’m not mad at said students, but mad that jobs for LA students don’t pay well.)

And something (somewhat) petty: teachers (and other adults) who believe that they have the only “right” answer and no other answer is correct and will not listen to reason or change their opinion for anything. Also teachers outside of English classes who mark down for non-egregious word choice “errors” and subtle grammar “errors”.

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I’m angry that I have a lot of shit I’m angry about, but none of it seems significant compared to some of these great posts!

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I’m angry that the immoral elite and the fearful ignorant have formed a twisted union, thereby fucking all our shit up and preventing progress in the first place.

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That so many people find math uncool.

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@DominicX – If you are ever in Austin, my parents’ church is perfectly cool with the whole thing. There are several same-sex couples in the membership, and with only 150 members they would love to have you join. They even accept my mom, and she’s a Unitarian. They let her bring the bitter herbs for the Seder each year. They even welcome my sister, who is a lesbian and a Buddhist. I know, they are rather ecumenical.

Their church is congregationalist and thus a form of Protestant Christian, specifically linked to the United Church of Christ.

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